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Heaven's Lost Property is an anime that ran for two seasons from October 2009 to December 2010, with a third season expected some time in 2012. Although the second season was titled, Heaven's Lost Property: Forte, rather than simply Heaven's Lost Property, it is not a spin-off or remake of the story, but a continuation and picks up where the first season left off. The show is based on a manga of the same name, written by Suu Minazuki.

Heaven's Lost Property focuses on a young man named Tomoki Sakurai, who is described as "perverted" and spends some of his time as a peeping Tom, but mostly he just wants to live a quiet, peaceful life and be left alone. One day, he encounters an Angeloid, an android meant to resemble an angel and programmed for submission and servitude. This Angeloid, named Ikaros, falls from the sky and chooses Tomoki to serve. Eventually, Tomoki discovers he may have a connection to the Angeloids' original world, Synapse, through his dreams. The ruler of Synapse is cruel and sadistic and enjoys torturing his Angeloids. As more and more Angeloids make their way to Tomoki and escape the world of Synapse, Tomoki finds his life has been turned upside down, and peace and quiet are no longer and option.

Tomoki is the main character in the anime (voiced by Soichiro Hoshi in Japanese and Greg Ayres in English), but Tomoki's first Angeloid Ikaros also plays a major part (voiced by Saori Hayami in Japanese and Brittney Karbowski in English). Other main characters include the colorful group of characters that make up Tomoki's friends and acquaintances in Japan, the various Angeloids that make their way to Tomoki for help, and, of course, the ruthless Master of Synapse himself.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - New Series
October 1, 2010
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Heaven's Lost Property Full Episode Guide

  • Tomoki makes a splash with the girls in swim class when he transforms into pool water. Later, the whole gang heads to a wedding - but who will be walking down the aisle?

  • Tomoki takes action when Ikaros, Nymph, and Astraea are overpowered in battle against Chaos! After the fight ends, it looks like peaceful days are ahead - until it becomes obvious that Ikaros still faces a serious crisis.

  • Sohara teaches Ikaros about the ins and outs of marriage. Meanwhile, Tomoki puts the final touches on his summer project: a massive network of periscope-like tubing that allows him to sneak a peek at girls all over town!

  • During the Summer Festival, Mikako organizes a fishing contest at the swimming pool. There's only one way to win: reel in the curviest catch! Later, Ikaros tries to find the best way to spend her allowance.

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