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The television show Heroic Age is based on stories from Greek mythology. This show is done using the anime style. Heracles is one of the main characters along with his Twelve Labors. There are other tribes in the show that were taken from the Greek Gods and their likenesses.

The show is set in a futuristic time. The universe in controlled by a few races known as the tribes. The Golden Tribe was once the rulers and passed the information they had to the Silver, Bronze, and Heroic Tribes. The Golden Tribe was nicknamed the Iron Tribe. The Silver and Bronze Tribes felt this tribe would mess up the order of the universe and worked together to get rid of it. The humans on Earth were able to survive this attack and scattered throughout the universe in order to stay in existence.

The show follows the spaceship Argonaut. The crew on this ship is trying to keep the universe at peace. The ship is also trying to find the mythical savior of the human race. The crew expects the savior to help humanity and start a war with the Silver and Bronze tribes who want to exterminate the human race. The crew finds a young boy named Age in a desert plant. The ship is attacked by the Bronze Tribe. Age transform into a huge and powerful being. He manages to stop the Bronze Tribe and an attack from the Silver Tribe as well.

The crew and Age are able to make peace with the Silver Tribe. The crew thinks age has the secrets to unlock a new universe where the Golden Tribe has moved to. The universe is opened. The Silver tribes help humanity. Somewhere in the process Age is missing. Some think he ran away others think he died. With the tribes working together peace is restored with all in the universe. Age is also found alive a well. Each week a different tale is told about the survival of the human race.

1 Season, 26 Episodes - Canceled
April 1, 2007
Anime, Science Fiction
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  • On a planet saved from ruin, humanity's greatest leader longs for the return of the boy who held mankind's fate in his hands and untold power within.

  • The key to unlocking the secrets of the Tribe of Gold is found. The destinies of those who have been ravaged by war are uncertain as the hero of mankind falls.

  • The Argonaut is consumed by an electrical storm, and Dhianeila's decisions during the crisis will determine if Elysium is to be reached.

  • While the Argonaut searches for the Tribe of Gold, a path to survival is found. Only Age can prevent the Tribe of Silver from ending mankind's quest once and for all.

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