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The series entitled Hetalia: Axis Powers is about a series of historic, cultural, social, economic and political events experienced by different characters which are represented by some selected countries. It shows how these characters interact with one another as well as the conflicts that arise between them. The story takes place during the Second World War alongside some other festivities. It portrays an analysis of the ways in which the Japanese view other cultural aspects in the world.

The characters are grouped under two main categories which are the Axis Powers and the Allied Forces include America, Britain, China, France and Russia. The countries that make up the Axis Powers include Italy, Germany, Japan and Hungary. Italy, Germany and Japan are the three main characters in the series.

Italy is known for his brilliance and youthful nature. He is feeble young man who is considered a coward. He is a descendant of the fallen Roman Empire and compared to the other characters he is the feeblest and always depends on Germany for support. He likes eating pizza and pasta as is characteristic of his cultural heritage. He is very handsome and adorable and uses his charms to attract any girl he comes across. He has a brother known as North Italy while he is considered as South Italy. They both have curly hair which if pulled the brothers become red and their speech is cut off.

Germany is a very hardworking, effective, strict and the most earnest character. He trains Italy and Japan since he is very robust. He considers the fallen Roman Empire as his role model but is shocked when he finds out Italy is his grandson. His main weakness is his inability to maintain relationships with people. His very strict nature also scares people away from him. He has an elder brother called East Germany while he is West Germany.

Japan is a timid, hardworking character who prefers living a solitary life and does not allow anyone to touch or even come close to him. He likes to procrastinate difficult tasks and likes monitoring the seasons.

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January 25, 2013
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  • Japan throws a swanky party to celebrate his alliance with Germany and Italy. Germany wants to get down to business, but Italy is looking forward to snacks, calico kittens, and bath time!

  • Seborga drips ketchup all over Wy's yard. Ukraine and Hungary dish on super cute costumes from throughout the ages! Get a load of Crete!

  • On this episode Canada's opus features a cage full of pancakes and bears, Germany shows off its jugs and vampires, and America proves that a good cook can kill any zombie!

  • The countries gather to show off their favorite horror movies. OMG WHAT WAS THAT NOISE!?

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