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Hetalia: The World Twinkle is the sixth season of the famous Hetalia anime. This series follows the countries of the world - Italy, Japan, France, England, etc. - and the history of their relationships as if they were a group of human friends. Previous seasons have focused on the Axis powers of World War I.

This particular season revisits specific episode plot lines from previous seasons. The stories are retold. There are a few surprise plot lines that the series covers - Halloween, Christmas, and a plot line not ever seen in the series before. The series also incorporates stereotypes for each country. Previous ones that have recurred - and are likely to recur in this season - include Italy and a pasta obsession, and France being full of himself.

In Hetalia: The World Twinkle, the countries return as their lovable, adorable people forms from the previous seasons. Not much will change from previous seasons, and it is sure to include a lot of humor.

6 Seasons, 15 Episodes
July 22, 2015
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Hetalia: The World Twinkle Full Episode Guide

  • The development of good field rations was something that both the Allies and the Axis Powers put a lot of effort into during the war. What kind of food did they have? What are their current field rations like?

  • The G8 nation-cats gather again today to discuss household policies as well as the trading of canned cat food.

  • While waiting at camp, Italy tells Germany that he's bored and wants to try acupressure.

  • Canada and his neighbor America. Many people think they look alike, but what about their personalities?

  • While attending a meeting can be a lot of work, Russia enjoys seeing his... friends...?

  • When England and France are both at a meeting, things don't seem to get done.

  • Little America becomes friends with a boy named Davie.

  • Sealand continues on his trip to search for new friends. Who is he going to meet next?

  • Sealand goes out on an adventure with Seborga and Wy to find new friends.

  • Denmark and Norway fight together against Sweden.

  • As usual, Italy is sobbing and calling Germany for help. What trouble is he in this time?

  • While England is fighting in Africa, America comes to help him.

  • Finland introduces the Nordic states. Meanwhile, Estonia asks his buddy Finland to help him become part of the Nordic states.

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