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House Hunters International is the door to ring show for any house or mansion lover and for every travel dreamer, from Brazil to France, Costa Rica to Belgrade, and all over the world where you can get your imagination fly. The show is carried among the wealthiest and the most sumptuous properties featuring incredible architecture and design, elegance and style, or the cozy warm cottages and apartments with the professionalism of true real estate agents in action.

House Hunters International is focused on showing the impossible to be possible throughout exotic locations, metropolis, fields and blue seas with the mission to envelop the viewer in the richness and flavor of other countries real estate.

Being one of the first of its kind, House Hunters International, not only aims to show that there are more properties out there achievable to all budgets, but the show also stimulates the desire, who knows, to relocate at anywhere in the world, with the incredible task very well presented by the real estate agents of vastly presenting the surrounding areas wherever they go.

The amazing episodes are full of education and training on the handling of an offer to buy any property, house lovers also enjoy the free ride, sharing with the real estate agents and buyers the different cultures and idiosyncrasies found in every international hunt.

Definitely this amazing show has been created not just for house lovers, but for travelers as well as interior designers. House Hunters International is a show for multiple interests full of amazing destines and real life situations.

Weekdays 10:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
31 Seasons, 1168 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 20, 2006
Home & Garden, How To, Reality
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House Hunters International Full Episode Guide

  • Andrew Christian's life as a fashion designer in Los Angeles is fast-paced and non-stop. He's learned that getting out of the country is a great stress reliever, so he's ready to buy a second home in his favorite escape of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Andrew wants a large, ultra-modern space in Old Town, but ultra-modern and Old Town don't necessarily go together. He's used to getting what he wants, so compromise on space, style, or location, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is going to be hard.

  • Marisa got her passion for France from her parents, and after years of dreaming, she finally has the chance to live in her ideal locale while her husband Dave gets his MBA in Lyon. Moving with a family of six, plus her father, means they'll need a sizeable home. Dave thinks they have to be practical about their needs, but Marisa's always dreamed of having a picture-perfect French life.

  • Todd and Michelle are tired of Florida living and are ready to bust a move, so Todd put out some job feelers and was shocked when the United Nations in Vienna, Austria, responded. Michelle is giving up her business and they're discarding everything to make a clean break. Having never been outside the U.S. before, Todd thinks this big European city is intense compared to their hometown of Melbourne, Florida. But the main hurdle will be deciding whether to live in an old style building or a new one.

  • Jonathan has just won a Fulbright award to teach in Guatemala City and is relocating his family from the Midwest to Central America so they can experience a different culture. His wife, Collette, wants to find a home in historic Antigua, Guatemala's old capital, but he wants a view of an active volcano. For a Midwestern family, everything is new and everybody gives up something for their surprising decision.

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