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House Hunters International is the door to ring show for any house or mansion lover and for every travel dreamer, from Brazil to France, Costa Rica to Belgrade, and all over the world where you can get your imagination fly. The show is carried among the wealthiest and the most sumptuous properties featuring incredible architecture and design, elegance and style, or the cozy warm cottages and apartments with the professionalism of true real estate agents in action.

House Hunters International is focused on showing the impossible to be possible throughout exotic locations, metropolis, fields and blue seas with the mission to envelop the viewer in the richness and flavor of other countries real estate.

Being one of the first of its kind, House Hunters International, not only aims to show that there are more properties out there achievable to all budgets, but the show also stimulates the desire, who knows, to relocate at anywhere in the world, with the incredible task very well presented by the real estate agents of vastly presenting the surrounding areas wherever they go.

The amazing episodes are full of education and training on the handling of an offer to buy any property, house lovers also enjoy the free ride, sharing with the real estate agents and buyers the different cultures and idiosyncrasies found in every international hunt.

Definitely this amazing show has been created not just for house lovers, but for travelers as well as interior designers. House Hunters International is a show for multiple interests full of amazing destines and real life situations.

Weekdays 10:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
43 Seasons, 1334 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 20, 2006
Home & Garden, How To, Reality
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House Hunters International Full Episode Guide

  • Jasmine and Massi are moving from Alberta, Canada, to Massi's hometown of Bergamo, Italy, and they're ready to find the right place to begin their life together.

  • Kevin and Jessica must decide between city life and more room in Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Charlie and Brittany move to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for a more Western lifestyle.

  • A Georgia couple steps out of their comfort zone in search of new experiences in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Oregon couple Mark and Tammie look for a second home in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama, where they can take advantage of the fishing and family time.

  • Keith and Jami move their young family from DC to Dublin to connect with their family history and experience Irish culture.

  • Teachers John and Jennifer decide to sell everything and move their young daughter from Washington, DC, to Wollongong, Australia.

  • Puerto Rican student Maria is moving to Malang, Indonesia, to study the national language, but local student housing may be no match for her wish list of Western amenities.

  • Marisa and Rodrigo leave cold and snowy Canada to buy a vacation home in the scenic Azore Islands of Portugal.

  • Jose and Bobby fell in love with Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, on vacation and have now decided to move there. Bobby wants to move right in, but Jose wouldn't mind a few renovations. One thing they both want is a three-volcano view.

  • Briton Paris and Moroccan Fahd were raising their kids in England but felt it was time to introduce the kids to Fahd's culture in Marrakech. Paris loves to renovate, but Fahd would rather get a more move-in-ready home.

  • Ryan, Jenny and their four kids are ready to take off for Puerto Rico. However, space and budget issues mean the family will be stuck in the tight quarters of a hotel room until they can solve the challenge on their hands.

  • Noel, a video game designer in San Diego, has an offer to work on a new game project in Sweden. Noel is fully invested in his career and wants to buy a new home, but Cecilia wants to rent until they are more familiar with Sweden.

  • Rory fell in love with Guatemala and has never let go of his dream of moving there. If he wants his lakeside dream to come true though, he'll have to convince his wife Ivy the view is worth the remote location.

  • Aaron is moving to Bad Wildungen, Germany, where his fiancee Kirsten is starting her residency at a hospital. Aaron is giving up so much to move to Germany, but their one-income budget might force him to give up even more.

  • Julie accepts a job transfer to Copenhagen, Denmark and her husband Darren thinks it's a great opportunity for their sons to learn about a new culture. See what happens when Julie, Darren, and the boys search for an apartment.

  • John went to Prague for school but stayed for Honza. Now they're ready to commit to each other and the city by buying their first apartment in Prague. With John giving up so much to stay with Honza, will Honza give in?

  • Chris and Maria want to make the move to teach in Mongolia. They're excited to explore one of Earth's last nomadic cultures, but with a limited budget it will be difficult to find a suitable home in this rapidly-expanding market.

  • Ryan and McKenzie are leaving snowy Utah so he can pursue his passion to become a doctor. They found the perfect opportunity on the island of Grenada. However, they soon find living on student loans limits their budget.

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