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House of Lies is a television show that follows a group of consultants at a firm as they try to do their jobs as well as they can, while at the same time keeping their own personal lives in order. The star of this dark comedy is Marty Kahn, played by Don Cheadle. Marty is one of the best at his job, and leads his team well. However, he is also quick to irritate people and ruffle feathers. People that he has made angry include his boss and some clients. This often lands Marty in hot water, and sometimes threatens to cost him his job.

At home, Marty's life isn't much easier. He is divorced from a woman who still believes that they are together and is constantly seeking ways to undermine him. She often fights him for custody of their son, Roscoe. Roscoe is having his own problems. He misses his father because he is traveling so much. He has also decided that he might want to dress like a girl. Luckily, Marty's father, Jeremiah, is there to look after Roscoe while Marty is gone. However, Marty is also having some health issues.

The cast is rounded out by the members of Marty's team, which includes two men, Doug and Clyde, and a woman, Jeannie. Each of these characters is also struggling with their own life issues. As the story evolves, the audience not only gets to see how the world of consulting works, but they also get to delve deeper into the exciting stories of each of the characters. In addition, on each episode, the team must battle not only to win over the clients, but to beat their challenging and manipulative bosses at their own games. The show is packed with wry comedy, but is also very dramatic and exciting.

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Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Showtime
4 Seasons, 47 Episodes - Currently Airing
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House of Lies Full Episode Guide

  • Marty looks to secure his place at K&A. Jeannie receives a proposition.

  • Marty gets into trouble with Denna when he pitches to a fast food chain. Roscoe's future is damaged when his business is exposed. Doug and Clyde have opposing views on the same woman.

  • Denna sends a turn around artist to increase K&A's business but Marty clashes with him. Jeannie is hesitant about attending a dinner at the Kaan's. Clyde has reached his limit with his father.

  • Marty and Jeannie convince Denna to take a business move that would hurt Ellis. Doug and Kelsey run into complications. After spending time with his father, Clyde is surprised to find similarities.

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