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"I Survived," is a Biography channel original program that centers around the life and situations of three different people each episode. The show is done in a story telling style. Each person tells how they survived their brush with death and how they overcame the odds to survive.

The individuals telling their story, are not just adults but, teens and some children. The situations depicted in this series range from domestic disputes, to kidnappings and hostage situations. There are also tales that involve tornados and fires just to name a few.

Not all survival situations that are depicted in this series are of a criminal nature. Some involve vacation accidents such as wilderness injuries and sinking boats with victims being stranded at sea. You even have home accidents that lead to life and death situations such as farm equipment malfunctions.

Athe show presents each story like a soap opera. You continuously move back an forth between each of the interviewed survivors until their story is finished. As they tell their story, a short picture representation is shown of the location so that you can get the idea of how the area looked that the survivor was in. At the end of each tale an outcome of the survival story is written on the screen so that you can get closure to the story. An example of this would be a kidnappers jail sentence report or if a tornado victim has rebuilt their home.

"I Survived," is a real first person look at the things people do in order to stay alive in the most harrowing of situations. This program is both educational and inspirational.

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Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on Biography Channel
8 Seasons, 139 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • A woman is imprisoned on a remote rural property, by a man who sexually assaults her and murders her boyfriend; and a young mother is abducted at gunpoint and subjected to hours of assault, beatings and mental torture.

  • A woman and her boyfriend are shot by her ex-partner who also starts the house on fire. A man pinned by his arm in his wrecked van faces amputation to survive. And a young mother whose neck is sawn open by an intruder plays dead in order to live.

  • A young woman is taken, sexually assaulted and stabbed and somehow survives. A man, who tries to save a neighboring family from a tornado, gets caught in the funnel.

  • A gunman enters a Florida school board meeting and fires at point blank range; and 23-year-old newly-wed Wanda is abducted from outside an Alabama restaurant and sexually assaulted by partygoers at a remote farmhouse.

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