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The mini documentary series follows women who are pregnant but have decided to give their child up for adoption. You see the emotional roller coaster as these women make a live changing decision. The show usually showcases two women's stories. This is no easy decision and this show really highlights that. It does not make it seem like a half heart idea but a real thought out plan. These women are not ready to be mothers and have decided that this will be the best life choice for their children.

The film crew follows them for about 15 weeks before their due date. It shows the difficult process as the mothers try to choose a family for their unborn child. You see them meet the potential adoptive parents. Many of the women reveal emotions of resentment to these people even though they know their child's life will be better with them. The show provides us with the thoughts the mother would like to share, but the cameras show us the true emotions on their faces.

There is of course drama that ensues. There are biological fathers who object to the adoption, fathers who push for it, and those who just are not around. Whether the family in general is supportive of the mothers choice. Their is drama over whether the adoptive parents chosen will be the right ones for the baby. And of course the drama of will the mother really give her baby up or change her mind and keep the child.

Overall this show provides us with a look into how hard it is to give up a child. Many of the women say, no one who hasn't been through this will understand. Hopefully this show will help people understand the motives and the hardship that these women face. These women are not make the process seem glamorous, they are sharing their real stories and real emotions.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Oxygen
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes - Currently Airing
July 23, 2012
Drama, Family, Reality
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I'm Having Their Baby Full Episode Guide

  • In the second season finale, updates of four birth moms are shared.

  • A mother has concerns that her daughter is being manipulated by her boyfriend; a boyfriend is adamant against adoption.

  • A woman faces resistance when attempting to place her baby with a lesbian couple, who also happens to be family.

  • A pregnant teen with hopes of a military career intends to place her child for adoption. Also, a woman pregnant with twins considers her options.

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