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Impact Wrestling (formerly called TNA iMPACT!) is a television program featuring professional wrestling in connection with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). The program is currently broadcast on the Spike cable TV network in both the United States and Canada. The show is also internationally broadcast in many different other regions and countries.

The general concept features between four and seven wrestling matches that occur over a two hour period. In addition, many other segments and interviews are included between every match. The merchandise and advertisements for the upcoming pay per view events often blend in with the programming, because of the derivative nature of the wrestling business.

Impact Wrestling films at Soundstage 21 in the Universal Studios theme park in Florida, as part of the Universal Orlando Resort. Admission is free, and the shows air live on Thursday evenings at 8pm eastern time. The show's opening theme song is by Dale Oliver and entitled Sinister Rise Above.

Initially, all of the single matches had a 10 minute time limit. Tag teams and the main event had 20 minute limits. If there was a time limit draw, winners were determined by three veteran wrestlers who comprised the NWA Championship Committee.

The show was actually first broadcast on the Fox Sports Net (FSN) from May 2004 to 2005. The Impact! Show was also syndicated through Canada on the RDS network and in Europe on its Fight Network. Later, the UK stations, Bravo and Bravo 2 aired it, as well as Eurosport. After the FSN contract expired, the parties decided not to negotiate a new one.

Following Fox Sports Net, the Impact! show aired on webcasts to save on production costs until October of 2005. It then began to broadcast on Spike TV, where the show was expanded to a two hour time slot in October of 2007. After the show left FSN, the time limits were abandoned, but returned again in late 2009.

The show was re-branded once again in May 2011 to its present state. The color scheme changed from red to white, blue and gray. TNA show tapings occurred at Huntsville, Alabama's Von Braun Center. They were also scheduled to appear in Knoxville, Tennessee's Coliseum and at Macon, Georgia's Coliseum. TNA taped the first international match in January, 2012 at London's Wembley Arena.

The show broadcasts in over 130 countries, as well as 17 different languages. It is one of the most successful and popular professional wrestling shows on television.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
14 Seasons, 644 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 4, 2004
IMPACT Wrestling
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IMPACT Wrestling Full Episode Guide

  • Destination X

  • Main Event: The Final Deletion match, Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

  • Main Event: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

  • Tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling is Gold Rush LIVE with 4 TNA titles on the line in separate matches. Newly crowned TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley will defend his title.

  • Tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling is Gold Rush LIVE with 4 TNA titles on the line in separate matches. Newly crowned TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley will defend his title. The king of the Mountain Championship, The X-Division Championship and the TNA World Tag Team Championships will all also be on the line tonight.

  • EC3 and Gail Kim vs. The Miracle and Maria

  • Main Event: Decay vs Drew Galloway?

  • Main Event: Jeff Hardy vs Mike Bennett vs Bobby Lashley

  • Main Event: TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway vs. Tyrus

  • Main Event: Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

  • Main Event: Drew Galloway vs. Matt Hardy for the TNA Championship

  • Main Event: Gauntlet Match

  • Jeff Hardy, aka The Charismatic Enigma, returns seeking revenge.

  • Kurt Angel's final match in TNA vs. Lashley

  • Kurt Angle battles longtime rival Bobby Roode

  • The Lockdown event in London features Matt Hardy vs. EC3; Beer Money vs. Eric Young and Bram; and the Dollhouse vs. Gail Kim and the Beautiful People.

  • TNA World Champion Matt Hardy faces off against Kurt Angle.

  • TNA World Champion Matt Hardy makes his first appearance since his win.

  • The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line; Gail Kim defends the Knockout Championship; The Wolves are in tag-team action; with Lashley, Jeff Hardy and others.

  • 1st Episode on POP TV LIVE!

  • The biggest matches and the most unforgettable moments of 2015, culminating in the World Title Series.

  • The biggest matches and the most unforgettable moments of 2015, featuring Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, "The Destroyer" Lashley, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, and EC3.

  • World Title Series, Week 8

  • World Title Series, Week 5

  • World Title Series, Week 4

  • World Title Series, Week 3

  • The World Title Series continues with the final four groups revealed. Matt Hardy starts his journey back to World Heavyweight Title.

  • Fallout from Bound for Glory, including a look at the world champion.

  • TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III and Tyrus battle Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy in the main event. Dixie Carter shakes up the main event of Bound For Glory with a major announcement.

  • EC3, with Jeff Hardy as his personal assistant, defends the TNA world title against Rockstar Spud; the Bound For Glory main event is determined in a 5-way elimination match; and Gail Kim vs. Jade for the Knockouts title.

  • Team TNA battles Team GFW in Lethal Lockdown for complete control of TNA. Participants include Lashley, Jeff Jarrett, Drew Galloway and Eric Young. Also: the Knockouts title is on the line.

  • Jeff Hardy becomes EC3's personal assistant; Drew Galloway faces Chris "the Adonis" Mordetzky in a Captain's Lumberjack match; Brooke defends the TNA Knockouts title against Gail Kim; EC3 and Tyrus face off against Matt Hardy and Rockstar Spud.

  • Ethan Carter III defends the TNA World Title against Matt Hardy

  • Jeff Hardy returns to IMPACT WRESTLING!

  • Turning Point

  • Jeff Jarrett is in control for the night; the main event is a King of the Mountain title match; Awesome Kong vs. Lei D Tapa; EC3 celebrates his TNA World Title victory; ``The Destroyer'' Lashley vs. Jessie Godderz.

  • No Surrender EC3 battles Matt Hardy for the TNA Title in Full Metal Mayhem

  • The 2015 TNA Hall of Fame; Magnus and Mickie James battle James Storm and Serena; Jeff Hardy returns. Brooke vs Marti for the TNA Knockouts Title.

  • Carter vs. Carter

  • Full Metal Mayhem - LIVE

  • The Wolves battle The Dirty Heels in Match 3 of their Best of 5 Series. "The Destroyer" Lashley looks for revenge against Eric Young. The Rising battle The BDC in 6 man tag team action.

  • Destination X 2015. Main Event: TNA Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle defends his title vs. the TNA X-Division Champion Rockstar Spud.

  • Destination X 2015

  • Kurt Angle defends the TNA World Title against Eric Young

  • "Hardcore Justice" invades Destination America in a night where all weapons are legal. In the main event, Kurt Angle battles Eric Young in a Stretcher Match. Also, The Hardys team with Davey Richards to battle The Revolution in a Streetfight.

  • TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches: Best of Sting Part 3

  • It's "Tag 4 The Gold" tonight on Impact. 8 teams will battle throughout the night, but only 1 will walk away as the new TNA Tag Team Champions. The Hardys, Roode/Aries, Revolution, BDC and more will battle in a series of qualifying matches.

  • Watch the fall-out from the previous week's controversial finish to the Kurt Angle's TNA Title Match. Then it's the rise of "The Rising" as Drew Galloway and his crew are headed towards a showdown with MVP and The BDC.

  • Impact Wrestling goes "Bell to Bell" on this can't miss episode. Kurt Angle defends his newly won TNA World Title against "The Destroyer" Lashley. Bobby Roode and Eric Young's rivalry comes to an end and Magnus and Bram go to war!

  • Hardy's Revenge

  • From London England - Main Event: TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley vs. Kurt Angle

  • TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches: Lockdown 2013

  • From London England - Main Event: Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young in a Last Man Standing Match

  • TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches: Table Matches

  • Main Event: TNA World Tag Team Champions The Revolution vs. The Wolves

  • Main Event: TNA World Heavyweight Champion Lashley defends the title vs. MVP

  • Main Event: Eric Young vs. Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore Match

  • Main Event: The Beatdown Clan (MVP & Samoa Joe) vs. Kurt Angle & Lashley

  • Matches are currently pending contract signings.

  • TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches: Best of Bully Ray

  • Main Event: TNA Heavyweight Champion of the World Lashley defends his title vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode vs. MVP.

  • TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches: Best of Samoa Joe

  • TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches: Best of The Knockouts.

  • TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches: Best of Jeff Hardy

  • Main Event: Low Ki vs. Austin Aries for the X Division Title.

  • Main Event: Rematch - TNA Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode defends his title vs. Bobby Lashley.

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