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In The Big House is a reality series that is produced by Jenny Daly and Rob Lobl of T Group and is featured on the LOGO channel. This series follows the Verdi family as they try to run a gay bar in West Hollywood. The Verdi family is not your typical California family; in fact, the Verdi family isn't your typical family at all. Big Lou Verdi left his family in New Jersey 25 years ago for another family – the Bruno crime family of Philadelphia. Recently released, Big Lou has decided to leave that lifestyle behind him and reunite with his children in Los Angeles.

Big Lou's daughter Michel and her husband moved out to California for the same reason, to leave everything behind and start a new life. Their world started to fall into shape and it began with them buying Fubar, a gay bar in West Hollywood.

Michel had always been close to her brother, Louis Junior; she just did not expect him to move out west to live with her. He is always more than happy to help out at the bar though, because Louis Jr. is openly gay. Just as they were settling in their mom, Dotsie, went through a terribly break-up. Before they knew it she had moved in too.

Big Lou was eager to reunite with his children but he has not seen Dotsie since he divorced here 25 years ago and she don't like him anymore now then she did back then. Leaving out the fact that he isn't that broad-minded and now he is working in his son-in-laws gay bar, along with his gay son. The cameras roll as Big Lou stumbles through rebuilding relationships with his family and readjusting to a very diverse life outside of the big house.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
July 23, 2012
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In the Big House Full Episode Guide

  • Fubar sponsors a float in the West Hollywood Gay Pride parade.

  • Michel and Jay take a vacation to Palm Springs; Lou tends Fubar for a night.

  • Michel and Louis set their parents up on blind dates; Lou gives Jay and Louis boxing lessons.

  • Jay's father educates Lou on being more open-minded; Louis and Joey discuss the direction of their relationship.

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