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Johnny Test is a cartoon show that features the adventures of a boy and his best friend which is his dog named Dookie. There is something different about the dog however can talk and walk on two legs just like a human can. Johnny is an adventurous boy and while he does not always mean to cause trouble it somehow finds him.

Johnny Test gets into some of the situations thanks to his friends and family. He has a stay at home day and a mother that is busy with work. He has twin sisters who are geniuses. They have a science lab in the house and are always making new inventions that they test on Johnny. Some of the inventions work well while others do not. Eugene is in love with one of Johnny's sisters and is coming up with crazy ways to ask her out. Gill is the next door neighbor that is cool and good looking. The twin girls are constantly coming up with inventions to get Gill to notice them and fall in love with them.

Johnny Test does not usually mind being the subject of experimentation for his sister's experiments. There are times when Johnny and Dookie will sneak into the lab and use some crazy new invention his sisters have created without telling them. This is usually where the adventure begins.

Some inventions include fortune cookies where the fortune will come true, a potion that make will a person irritable, and other things of this nature. The show then focuses on how the characters work to set things right again usually with the parents finding out what happened. Johnny is a mischievous boy but with a good heart. The experiments often get him into trouble but he is willing to go along for the ride.

Monday 7:00 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
6 Seasons, 172 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 17, 2005
Animation & Cartoons, Action & Adventure
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  • Johnny and Dukey take interactive lessons to a new level when they're sucked into a history book. Now they must find out how to get out of the book before they become history!

  • Dad gives Johnny's toys to charity without telling him. Nobody comes between a kid and his toys! Now Johnny has to retrieve them.

  • The General grounds all super hero activity, including Johnny X, right as Porkbelly is being attack! Who will save the town?

  • All the pizzas in Porkbelly have disappeared! The only way to determine who gets the last remaining cheesy pizza is a race to the top of Mount Doomsday. Who will be the champion of the Porkbelly Hungry Games?

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