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Keeping Up with the Kardashians the hit reality series, continues to give audiences a peek inside the lives of the extended and extravagant socialite family. Premiering on the E! in 2007, the show quickly became a centerpiece of the network because of its high ratings.

The show follows the Kardashian clan, led by mother and manager Kris Jenner, through their family fights, personal romances and various business ventures. Their blended family includes Kris' children with Robert Kardashian, best known for his friendship and legal support to O.J. Simpson during his murder trial: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob. Kris also has two daughters, Kendall and Kylie, with Bruce Jenner, former track and field Olympic champion.

Middle sister Kim anchors the program as the most attention-getting member of the family due to her infamous sex tape, debates about appearing in Playboy magazine and romances with football star Reggie Bush and basketball player Kris Humphries. Eldest sister Kourtney brings the relationship drama with her baby daddy Scott Disick, but also supplies an adorable child, Mason, and another baby on the way. Kourtney often provides the voice of reason in the dramatic family. The other siblings receive less screen time, but have managed to parlay the family name into career opportunities. The two younger daughters now begun to work as fashion models, while Rob, the only brother, has established his own entertainment career.

Like many reality programs, Keeping Up with the Kardashians follows the family as they shop, lunch, run their businesses and enjoy spa treatments. As with most families, tensions brew, fights explode and are then dissected by the family. Though they enjoy a uniquely luxurious Southern California lifestyle, their interactions have the same family dynamics of their audience, which is why the show remains a ratings hit and a source of tabloid gossip.

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Keeping Up with The Kardashians Full Episode Guide

  • The family decides to get to the bottom of Scott's suspicious activities and shady business deals.

  • Kris enters the dating scene. Khloe makes trouble on social media.

  • In the season premiere, the family has a hard time adjusting to life after Bruce and Kris's divorce. The situation is further complicated by the rumor that Bruce is on the rebound with one of Kris's best friends.

Keeping Up with The Kardashians News

Kim Kardashian Is No Longer Blonde

Well, that was short-lived. After three weeks of trying out a new bleached-blonde look, Kim Kardashian has dyed her hair back to a dark color closer to her natural one. Kim did the dying back on March 6, and the new look prompted a pretty big reaction from the Internet...which of course included plenty of mockery. That included this comparison: And this one: But now it would seem as though Kim has had enough of the look. She did, after all, say that because of having to re-dye her roots, "Being blonde is a full-time job.

Rob Kardashian: My Sister Kim Is 'The B-tch From Gone Girl'

Is there some sibling rivalry going on in the Kardashian family? Rob Kardashian, who has mostly stayed out of the public eye the past couple of years, took to Instagram to write some damning words about his sister, Kim Kardashian. "This is my sister Kim, the bitch from Gone Girl..." Rob wrote, captioning a photo of Rosamund Pike from the movie. Rob has a history of saying some strange things on social media: in the past, he's even hinted that he has an illegitimate son.

Kanye Awkwardly Posted a Bunch of Nude Photos of Kim Kardashian on Twitter

Kanye West is very proud of Kim Kardashian. He's also apparently very proud of Kim Kardashian's boobs. West went on Twitter last night to heap all kinds of congratulations on his reality star wife, pairing each message of support with a nude photo of Kim. "I'M SO LUCKY," Kanye wrote in all caps, as he is wont to do on Twitter, paired with a pic of Kim during a fully nude photo shoot. He tweeted out a few more messages, such as, "CONGRATS BABY ON 30 MILLION TWITTER FOLLOWERS" and "CONGRATS BABY ON THE SHOW PREMIERE LAST NIGHT.

So, Kim Kardashian Got a Haircut

So, Kim Kardashian got a haircut. This haircut is wildly different from Kim's normal haircuts, which is why this is a story today. Many people are confounded by the drastic change in the color and length of the individual hairs growing out of Kim's scalp. People reacting to the new hairdo have been heard using phrases like "OMFG" and "WOW." Here's another photo of Kim and her new hair, along with that guy she hangs out with nowadays: We assume that Tilda Swinton is Kim's inspiration for this change, but we could not reach Kim for confirmation.

Kanye West Broke Down in Tears During an Interview...Find Out Why!

Kanye West usually puts out the image of a tough guy, but that doesn't mean he's without a soft side. In a recent BBC1 interview with Zane Lowe, Kanye recalled some words of wisdom given to him by late fashion pro Louise Wilson, and remembering his friend had him in tears. Last time I saw her we had dinner at Hakkasan, which is my favorite restaurant in London," West said, recalling the event. "And I think she knew that she was going to pass, and she just wanted to give me some words of advice moving forward, and she was asking me about my daughter, asked me about my wife.

It'll Cost You Roughly $27,000 a Year to Look Like Kim Kardashian

Let's say you want to look like Kim Kardashian. Not in the sense that you want to get all kinds of plastic surgery to look exactly like her, but you just want to have the same makeup, hair and other style details that go into Kim's daily routine. Well, as it turns out that'll cost you quite a bit of money. In fact, it could be more than $27,000 per year just for hair and makeup. Kim recently ran through her beauty routine in an interview with beauty blog "Into the Gloss," and Defamer took the time to tally everything up.

Kim Kardashian Poses Nude Yet Again, In Same Magazine Shoot as Sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner

The Internet was already broken by Kim Kardashian's bare butt, so a few more photos probably won't hurt it. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star posed completely nude in a recent photoshoot for LOVE Magazine, proving that Kim seems to have no issue with full-frontal photo shoots now that she's gotten one out of the way. The shoot for the magazine also features a topless shot of Kim's sister Kendall Jenner, with her bottom half dressed in fishnets and shorts, and sporting some kind of wax-looking mask on her face.

Report: Bruce Jenner Will Come Out as Transgender in Upcoming Diane Sawyer Interview

Bruce Jenner might not be "Bruce" Jenner too much longer. According to reports, the Kardashian family patriarch is set to sit down with Diane Sawyer and announce that he is transgender and in the process of transitioning into a woman. It's been a challenge for Bruce to hide the signs of this major life change with him constantly being in the public spotlight: paparazzi have been snapping photos of Bruce for months as he sported longer hair, painted nails and allegedly some more plastic surgery as well.

Charlie Sheen Disses Kim Kardashian's 'Giggly' Butt After She Reportedly Ignores a Young Fan
Kendall Jenner Dances in Underwear With Her Mom in Christmas Video and Oh God What the Hell Is Going On

The Kardashian family has been up to some serious shenanigans this year, what with Kim attempting to "break the Internet" and all. This video, featuring Kim's mom Kris Jenner and her half-sister Kendall Jenner, isn't going to break anything except for maybe your sense of reality. The video, which was made for Love Magazine, features Kendall Jenner in lingerie dancing with her mom in some kind of industrial Christmas studio. They shake their butts, they sway awkwardly, they smash ornaments and topple a pink Christmas tree.

Kourtney Kardashian Gives Birth, Names Baby After CW Show or Something

It's no "North," but Kourtney Kardashian's name for her new baby is almost as weird. The eldest Kardashian daughter gave birth to her third child today, and decided to go a little more off the rails than she did in her first two tries in terms of baby naming. So, her oldest son Mason and her daughter Penelope can now welcome their baby brother Reign Aston Disick to the family. Kourtney introduced her son's name to the world via Instagram, where she shared the obligatory "holding the tiny baby hand" photo with a caption saying she is "madly in love" with the baby boy.

Kim Kardashian Wrote Her Mom a Brutally Honest Email About Her Clothing Choices

Kim Kardashian considers herself a fashionista, so if you're related to her and you're falling behind the current trends, she will let you know. Case in point, Kim sent a blunt but honest email to her mother and manager, Kris Jenner, imploring her to stop what she's doing fashion-wise. "I love u mom but no more pilgrim adams family outfits," Kim wrote. Actually, hang on. Let's put this in here in image form so you can see how the email was originally written.

Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian Poses Nude, Fails to Upstage Kim

It seems all the Kardashians are taking their clothes off these days. Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest daughter of Momager/ancient dragon wearing human disguise Kris Jenner, posed nude in a series of photos for DuJour Magazine. The photos were released today. Kourtney shows off her pregnant belly in the pics, which show Kourtney in a strange feather bikini and in a wet t-shirt. It's like the worst Spring Break in Cabo you've ever been to or that one nightmare you had about an emu chasing you.

Kim Kardashian Reveals If She Would Let North West Pose Nude in the Future

When Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine spread came out, and turned out to be fully nude, it's not that people were shocked that Kim would pose naked. After all, her career was launched by a sex tape and she had pretty much done a nude shoot before, with some strategic body paint. Instead, the surprise came in a different form, perhaps summed up best by Naya Rivera: "You're someone's mother." It came as a bit of a shock to many that Kim would have waited until after giving birth to her first child, a daughter, before doing her first (willing, one could argue) full-frontal nude photo shoot.

Naya Rivera Disses Kim Kardashian's Butt Pic, Refuses to Apologize: 'You're Someone's Mother'
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