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Taking a run down back yard and turning it into the perfect place for the family to enjoy can often be a much harder task than one would think. Between choosing the types of fungi and fauna, yard decor, color schemes, the different materials to choose from, and where and how to put everything in place it can be quite overwhelming.

Some families decide that these tasks are best left to experts. Gino Panaro, also known as the King of Dirt, decided to host a television series about the back yard makeovers he has successfully provided for families. Panaro is a contractor that hails from Staten Island and loves to turn dumpy outdoor areas into beautiful areas that all will enjoy.

DIY Network
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
April 6, 2009
Home & Garden
King of Dirt
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King of Dirt Full Episode Guide

  • Mindy's gorgeous home is hidden by overgrowth and an old walkway. Gino plans to remove everything and start from scratch.

  • Nish and Falgun love their brand new home, but their yard leaves room for embarrassment.

  • Brian and Jen are happy in their new home, but the boring builder landscape in the front of their house has them feeling like they need a makeover.

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