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La Hora pico is a popular Latin comedy show. It attracts attention with its colorful color schemes and many comic bits in one show.The characters are dressed in brightly colored feathered outfits for one of the bits,and the background props are designed with several different colorful schemes.Just in one show there are several different comic bits.For example, La Hora Pico has a bit where the main actress plays the manager of a hospital.She is a very clumsy lady who always has something sarcastic to say and shes always eating.In another bit, the same actress plays the wife of a business man.In this bit the wife hits an older gentleman with her car and the gentleman get amnesia, therefore they make the man believe that he is there son.They also have a smaller child, who also does another bit where he is looking for a girlfriend and his mother is trying to help him find a girlfriend buy having auditions.Meanwhile he is torn between two different girls.While he is trying to decide which one to choose the mother is having all the other girls come in and out of the home,who will he choose?. In another bit the main actor and actress of the show plays the role of students.They play funny pranks on the teacher and other students.La Hora Pico is a hilarious Latin comedy show with colorful costumes,background props,and insanely funny characters.The show provides hours and hours of unstoppable laughs.It's fun for all ages,from young to old.Check with your current cable provider and tune in to see what else happens with this crazy but oh so loveable family.This is a show that once its on the TV it surely won't be turned off for a good while.

Monday - Friday 6:00 PM et/pt on Univision
1 Season, 219 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 21, 2012
La Hora Pico
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La Hora Pico Full Episode Guide

  • La historia de Nacacienta continua y ahora sus hermanastras la encuentran en el baile del príncipe Vitor y har'án lo posible para que se aleje de el.

  • Damela Micha entrevista a la gran diva Lucía Méndez aunque ella no se considera una diva.

  • Laura quiere saber sí pap'á Lolo en verdad est'á loco y descubren la verdadera razón.

  • Consuelo Duval celebra sus 20 años de carrera artística, pero por desgracia el homenaje que se le realiza lo arruinan Paul y Carmelo.

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