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"La Mujer de Vendaval" is a Mexican telenovela produced by Televisa. The show follows the life of Marcela Morales (Adriadne Diaz)and her economic struggles. In this telenovela, Marcela owns a beautiful ranch called "El Vendaval" but has a large mortgage on the property and is unable to make the payments. She does not have the money to do this, so she fears that she will lose the entire ranch to the bank. Marcela's mother sadly dies, but leaves her a large inheritance in her will that will easily cover the payments she needs to make for El Vendaval.

Unfortunately, her mother's inheritance comes with a major stipulation: In order to receive the money, Marcela must first find a husband. She finds a man named Alessandro, played by Jose Ron, who agrees to this marriage for money although he is a wealthy man, but trouble ensues after something goes missing from his own estate. He has feelings for Marcela, but whether the marriage is for love or money, these feelings are constantly jeopardized by situations between themselves that are influenced secretly by other cast members.

1 Season, 160 Episodes - Canceled
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La Mujer del Vendaval Full Episode Guide

  • Marcela y Alessandro disfrutan de la luna de miel que jam'ás tuvieron. Alessandro y Marcela ven la hacienda con el esplendor que tenía antes, pues han logrado ponerla nuevamente en pie.

  • Severo secuestra a Marcela y la lleva con Octavia. . Alessandro salva a Marcela, ambos se piden disculpas y se juran amor eterno.

  • Severo entra a la comandancia para poder ayudar a María Laura a escapar. Alessandro decide darle el divorcio a Marcela adem'ás de regresarle sus tierras.

  • Marcela le informa a Alessandro que le vendió su parte del Vendaval a Octavia. Alessandro besa apasionadamente a Marcela.

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