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The CBS television network first broadcast Late Night with David Letterman. It ran for 11 years. CBS then decided to rename it Late Show with David Letterman. That show is still going strong. The show tapes at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City. As you may have guessed it was made famous by Ed Sullivan. David Letterman's production company, World Pants, Inc. produces the show. The format has proven to be a successful one. First the theme, and the announcer telling everyone who the guest stars are that night. David Letterman then comes out onto the stage and performs his comedy monologue.

Late Show with David Letterman has had hundreds of world renowned guests on the show, as well as the most famous of the Hollywood stars. Michelle Obama, the First Lady, has been on the show more than once. The style of the show is relaxed. This makes it appear, that Mr. Letterman is merely having people on for relaxed conversations. That is one of the reasons why it has been so popular and long lasting.

The viewing public has been enjoying this program for decades. Spending an evening watching Late Show with David Letterman will bring you a lot of laughs. In two years David Letterman will have surpassed Johnny Carson for being the host of a late night talk show. Millions of people have been dedicated viewers of Late Show with David Letterman for decades. The network constantly renewing his contract is solid proof of that.

20 Seasons, 2794 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
August 30, 1993
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Late Show with David Letterman
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  • The final episode of "Late Show with David Letterman"

  • Bill Murray, and Bob Dylan.

  • Tom Hanks, and musical guest Eddie Vedder

  • Oprah Winfrey, Norm Macdonald

Late Show with David Letterman News

Colbert Conquers Late Night in Debut; Falls on Second Night

Stephen Colbert's Late Show came out of the gate strong, but day two suggested that victory in the late-night competition might not necessarily be his for the taking.

It's Finally Time: Stephen Colbert Takes Over Late Show

We've been wondering how Stephen Colbert will transform the Late Show when he takes over for David Letterman. This week, we find out.

Stephen Colbert Goes Eclectic with Late Show Guests

You can stop worrying that Stephen Colbert will go soft once he gets on network TV. The first week of his 'The Late Show' will feature a few provocative guests.

Here's David Letterman's Final 'Top 10' List

Letterman aired his final episode tonight, which meant the end of his nightly "Top Ten" segment.

Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman on 'The Late Show'

Speculation was wild after David Letterman announced that he will retire next year: Who would take over as host of the second-most venerable show on late-night TV? When CBS announced Letterman's replacement this week, the name the network chose came as an extremely pleasant surprise.

After Letterman: What's Next for Late Night?

Musical chairs among the hosts of late-night talk shows is nothing new. Seems like barely a week goes by when a host is not leaving his or her show, starting a new show, or moving to take over someone else's old show. But when David Letterman announced this week that he'd be retiring next year, he touched off speculation about a potential late-night shuffle the likes of which we haven't seen in decades.

David Letterman: Fracking Is Ruining America

When David Letterman goes off on a rant, he goes off on a rant. And he often does so with a CBS camera fully trained on him. Wednesday night, he wanted to talk a moment about fracking. Deep, dirty fracking. He wanted to talk all about how fracking is ruining America at its core.

From The Home Office: 'Out Of Touch' 101, With Prof. David Letterman

We're never going to hear more debate over who is more "out of touch" than we do during a presidential election. This year, it's once more between the President and a child of privilege of himself. But what does "out of touch" even mean anymore? Let David Letterman explain....

Watch Conan O'Brien Mock Jay Leno on the 'Late Show'

Take away a man's TV show, and he won't forget it: Conan O'Brien showed up on the "Late Show" this week to talk to David Letterman, and very quickly set to mocking Jay Leno. Watch the video here!

Watch David Letterman And Jon Stewart Talk Underwear And Mitt Romney

Strange but true equation: Mormon presidential candidate, plus underwear, plus sex with interns, equals . . . Sean having something to write about. While nobody knows quite yet what gives with the sudden "Colbert Report" taping cancelations, we know where Jon Stewart was last night: in the midst of a hotly contested conversation with David Letterman Re: Mitt Romney and the virtues of underwear.

Watch David Letterman Get In On The 'Linsanity'

That's right. The champagne from the New York Giants' Super Bowl XLVI win has barely warmed to room temperature, but with spring, a young fan's fancy turns to thoughts of the NBA playoffs. What's more important, we need a new sports meme until it's Tebow Time once again. That being said . . . . welcome to the "Linsanity."

David Letterman Nears New CBS Deal

With a new deal approaching for David Letterman, so approaches history. If, as expected, CBS offers him another two-year deal soon, Letterman will be guaranteed a total 32-year tenure hosting late-night television, making him the longest running host in history. Previous title holder? His friend and idol, the late Johnny Carson.

Scarlett Johansson Laughs Off Nude Photos with Letterman (VIDEO)

Scarlett Johansson was effortlessly charming in discussing her leaked nude photos with David Letterman on the "Late Show," even managing to laugh about the entire situation. Watch a video of ScarJo's interview with Letterman right here!

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