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On the organic spacecraft Lexx, the crew is looking for a new home. The crew consists of mismatched beings including Captain Tweedle, a love slave named Zev, an Undead assassin named Kai, and a loved crazed robot head. Mankind and an insect civilization sought out the destruction of the other both civilizations were not able to live side by side due to some differences. A prophecy was spoken to Kai stating that he would be the one to kill the last of the Insect Civilization.

Kai however cannot live outside his cryogenic chamber without the help of protoblood, and so the crew goes to the cluster in search of protoblood. When they arrive to the cluster they discover that an insect had survived and was planning on eating all of mankind throughout the 20,000 planets.

The insect then starts a metamorphoses turning itself into a gigashadow which is the source of protoblood. With Zev's help Kai is able to replenish his stock of protoblood and in turn they destroy the insect.

Later on in the show it is noticed that the Lexx's food supply is running short and in order to save energy they must keep a slow steady pace while in flight. The robot head warns them it could take a long time before they ever reach another planet that is inhabited and so the crew makes a decision to go into cryostasis to ensure their survival. After 4,000 years have passed they find themselves near the twin planets of Fire and Water. A prince rules over the planet of Fire where he and his followers live in towers in the middle of a dessert, while the water planet has no ruler and all live cooperatively on islands. Captain Tweedle meets and ill fate and his soul is put to a judgement where all his bad deeds outdo his good ones and he is sentenced to eternal punishment on the Fire Planet. Eventually his soul is allowed to return to his body and the two planets of Fire and Water are destroyed setting all the souls free and back to Earth.

4 Seasons, 61 Episodes - Canceled
April 18, 1997
Science Fiction, Drama
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  • Prince visits the Lexx warning of Earth's date with destiny. Stan celebrates but is drawn back into the...

  • Kai battles an oversized Lyekka who threatens to destroy the Earth. Kai is in trouble and his only savior is...

  • Lyekka gives the Lexx crew luscious berries as gifts of thanks. Xev and Stan eat the berries taking them on a...

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