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Series Length:1 Season, 5 Episodes
Network: Lifetime

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Genre: TV Movie, Drama
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5 iTunes Episodes
  • "Murder in the Hamptons," the story of a suave, successful businessman and his exotic, adoring lover. From the outside, it sounds like a fairy tale -- but behind closed doors, the marriage of Ted Ammon and Generosa Rand was beyond volatile. After the couple's ugly divorce, who would have thought the fallout would lead to murder? Poppy Montgomery stars in this scandalous true story filled with lies, accusations, violence and cover-ups.

  • "Gracie's Choice," starring Anne Heche, Kristen Bell and Diane Ladd, about an extraordinary teen who has raised her four half-siblings for as long as she can remember, because their mom is on the fast track to self-destruction. When it looks as if the kids will be scattered to the wind, Gracie sacrifices her freedom for her family's future. Inspired by a real teen's fight, this poignant story of love overcoming is sure to touch you.

  • Kate has a nice house, wonderful kids and a loyal husband. Sounds perfect, right? Not for this housewife. Completely unhappy, Kate files for divorce and gets a job. Her new life seems on track, and she even develops a crush on her boss, Mac. FYI: Mac isn't a man, but a woman! Will Kate be brave enough to explore these surprising feelings, or will she let her happiness take a backseat once again? Watch and see.

  • "Sex and the Single Mom," featuring Gail O'Grady as Jess, a stressed-out single mother juggling a high-pressure job and her own life while trying to set a good example for her sex-obsessed 15-year-old daughter. When Jess starts lusting after a looker of a doctor, though, she tosses all morals aside. Get ready for steamy love scenes, family blowups and a surprising finale!

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More Images Showcase Lohan As Liz Taylor, Grant Bowler As Richard Burton

OK, so at least one photo of Lindsay Lohan shooting "Liz & Dick" didn't go as planned. A little doube-sided tape will prevent that from happening again, we're sure. In the meantime, though, new publicity stills make the Lifetime biopic look encouraging.

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