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The television series is about cars that have been customized and sometimes rebuilt to ride as close as possible to the ground, but not actually contact the ground. In episode one of the first season, the host Vida Guerra talks about the low rider cars called the Bombs. The Bombs is any car that was built during the 1930's up to 1959.

The older cars were the first to be customized and driven as cruisers by Mexican-Americans while zoot suits were a way of people making a statement by how they dressed and what they drove.

One car club known as Pachuco is located in California and to be a member of the Pachuco the individual must own and drive a Bomb. There are not any restrictions on what model a car may be so long as it was built between 1930 and 1959.

Other episodes include different murals, graffiti and graphics applied to the cars to give each car its own unique appearance. While some of the low rider cars maintain a custom look, other cars have not only the customized appearance, but go to the degree of having hydraulics installed so that the car can be made to bounce up and down.

However, the idea of a low rider is not restricted to only cars. Since most families get involved in building low riders, the idea has extended to where low rider bikes and pedal cars are included. The customizing of the bikes can get as detailed as customizing of the cars, such as paint jobs, headlights, speed-o-meters.

There are also shows where kids can display their bikes just like the car owners, and win trophies for the way the bike looks.

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  • Go behind the lowrider community's loyalty to American made cars.

  • Only on SPEED, Lowrider presence increases every year at the Grand National Roadster Show.

  • Find out if mini-trucks and SUVs should be considered lowriders.

  • Ted Wells, hydraulics innovator, discusses the ups and downs of making low riders bounce.

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