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King of Cars is a 2006 American reality television program revolving around a car dealership in the Southern area of Nevada. The series premiered on the A & E Network, with each episode lasting around thirty minutes. Like most all reality television shows the show centers on the "real life" conflicts and joys of it's central protagonists and concerns itself as much with their interpersonal relationship as it does with their Dodge car dealership.

1 Season, 28 Episodes
April 4, 2006
Automotive, Reality, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Mark Deeter
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King of Cars Full Episode Guide

  • When veteran salesman Pedro "Flipper" Fernandez hits a slump, Will pairs him with an unusual Greenpea to train--his wife Christina, who's ready to try her hand at car sales. But when the husband and wife fails to bring home the bacon, Chop decides to put them in competition to break the hex on Pedro and start Christina off with a bang.

  • The Human O's unique haircut makes him one of Chop's most memorable Chopper show characters, and Chop bets it will help him sell cars too. Chop gives the "O"--a dedicated Upcounter with dreams of becoming a salesman--one day to prove that he has the right stuff. Will the "O" run circles around his competition or end up a big zero?

  • The outlook is "sunny" at the dealership for Chop when he encourages top saleswoman Sunny to sell one last car before she's promoted from the sales floor, and he is joined by Sonny Sandoval from rock group POD to lay down a new track. But the outlook turns cloudy for Sunny's last car deal even with an $11,000 cash down payment!

  • It's sink or swim for two of Chop's newest sales recruits, Joshua and Philip. Barely a week on the job, their low numbers are costing the dealership money. Chop and his right-hand man Chilly Willy, give them one last shot to prove themselves at selling cars. With their jobs on the line, Joshua and Philip struggle to show they have what it takes.

  • Chop surprises team leader and rising star Tino with a promotion, but who will now run the A-Team? Chop pits by-the-book salesman Andy against street-styled ex-boxer Gabe. Whoever closes the most deals takes the team and a big raise. But the one-on-one gets so "heated up" Chop moves it from the sales floor to the basketball court.

  • Chop expands his sales force for the summer season with a fresh crop of "Green Peas"--new recruits hoping to make it as car salesmen. There's Gary who needs to make big money to pay off his debts, and Philip who wants to prove to his dad that he can hold down a job. After shadowing their "seasoned pimps"--veteran salesmen like the Auto Marshall and El Supa--the peas are thrown into the deep end of their first big Saturday to sell cars solo. It's sink or swim, as only a few will make the car sales needed to survive.

  • Two women, Sunny and Christina, join Chop's sales force and help drive their team to the top. But Chop fears that their friendship is dulling their competitive edge, and to shake things up pits them against each other in a competition for a high dollar designer purse. When the Blue Genie teams up with Christina and Golden Spaghetti joins Sunny, it's all eyes on the prize and a fight down to the wire.

  • When Chop buys a bunch of famous rides--cars originally customized for the likes of Snoop and Missy Elliott--he decides to use them as hot backdrops for the first ever King of Cars calendar. But to spice up the day's sales Chop throws in a twist--Shane "Big Thunda" and Yoshah must compete to be the first to sell a car. The winner will pose with a cool ride and hot girls, the loser will be shot in a Speedo flanked by the dealership's mechanics!

  • Top team leaders Deeter and Tino are again in a slump, and Chop has the perfect inspirational tool: a rematch of the Showgirl Showdown sales contest. Only this time instead of appearing on "The Chop Show" in sequins, the loser will have to oil wrestle a 350-pound man while being sprayed with baby oil by the entire staff. Deeter and Tino pull out all the stops to close the most car deals and avoid "glistening in the light on a Monday night."

  • Chop celebrates his birthday with a huge competition at the dealership. Meanwhile, his fiancĂ©e plans a surprise party.

  • Sale manager Tino is visited by the couple to whom he sold his first car. They want to upgrade, but the negotiations drag on for two days.

  • Chop's staff competes in an annual talent contest against other dealerships. Included: Orlando sings and Barry tries stand-up comedy.

  • Prem's problems in developing relationships with women are affecting his sales performance, so Chop tries to help him find the right woman.

  • Chop plans to send team leaders to the dunk tank if they can't sell a car for every person on their respective teams.

  • Children from a local school arrive to perform their version of Chop's TV show; Chop's two sons and some of his childhood friends visit; the Blue Genie tries to sell two cars to a father and his daughter.

  • The big Thanksgiving sale is the dealership's best shot to pull in high numbers during the slow winter season. Hoping to bring in a record number of customers, Chop and the gang go all out to create a wacky special "Chop Show" infomercial, with live animals, popping pilgrims and a host of Thanksgiving characters. If the show pays off and the customers come, will the salesmen be able to prove themselves or will they face Winter cutbacks?

  • Mark and rookie Ali compete to sell cars after Chop promotes Ali to leader of team "C", and Chop keeps score of the contest.

  • Chop takes a vacation and leaves Chilly Willy in charge, presenting him with a sales challenge.

  • Declining business means Chop has to cut his sales force and transfer weak performers to different teams, a task he assigns to his second in command, Will.

  • Chop tries to persuade the Blue Genie to sell his costume; and Barry tries to get a couple to trade in their old car.

  • Two sales teams compete to sell the most cars, and the leader of the losing team has to wear a showgirl outfit on Chop's next commercial.

  • Chop challenges his staff to sell 40 cars on a single Saturday. He also watches the progress of his newest salesperson, Ali, and monitors Barry, whose sales have been down lately.

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