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Hip Hop is the most popular musical form on the planet, but not many people understand what it is like to live in the world of Hip Hop culture. Though many people do not possess an insider's view of this exciting world, perspectives are changing thanks to VH1's reality show Love & Hip Hop. The show gives viewers an intimate glimpse into the real lives of people who are involved in the Hip Hop world, and it does so mostly through the eyes of some unique, but relatable females.

Love & Hip Hop focuses on the lives of four main females with ties to the world of Hip Hop music and culture. Two of the women - Chrissy and Emily - are involved in dating relationships with famous rappers. This may sound glamorous, but the realities are much more complex. The other two women depicted on the program - Olivia and Somaya - are Hip Hop artists themselves. Given the fact that the world of Hip Hop is dominated by men and masculine energy, the show's depiction of these female artists sheds light on the struggles women must face in the industry.

Chrissy is involved in a relationship with rapper Jim Jones, and the show depicts the struggles associated with dating a star in the world of music. Chrissy is shown to have helped Jones tremendously with his life and career, but she feels as though she needs more out of life than what Jones can give her. To make matters worse, she must also deal with her beau's domineering mother.

Emily lives a quiet life as the girlfriend of rapper Fabolous. She is known to outsiders as the rapper's stylist, but in reality, she is his companion and mother of their child. She is not entirely comfortable with her role, and the show depicts her struggles.

Somaya and Olivia are shown to be strong and talented in different ways, but each one of them must struggle with making a career in the tough world of Hip Hop. Because men dominate the culture, each of their successes are hard-earned. These two women are shown to be much different from Chrissy and Emily, but they are all equally important to the world in which they inhabit.

Love & Hip Hop is one of the most enlightening shows on TV today. Although Hip Hop culture is incredibly popular, few people have been able to look inside the world of Hip Hop to see what it is really all about. Thanks to Love & Hip Hop, however, viewers can visit the interior of this world and experience it through the eyes of four amazing women.

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  • Jhonni and Rich address unfinished business. Erica assists Peter in his effort to win Amina back. Chrissy gives Chink an ultimatum. Cyn and Cisco discuss their relationship. Yandy decides to take a big step before the baby is born.

  • Jhonni pours her heart out to Rich and Cisco shares his feelings with Cyn.

  • Diamond falls for Rich and publicly stakes a claim. Yandy decides it's time to take matters into her own hands;

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