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Love Games is a television show spin off from the show Bad Girls. There are three Bad Girls from previous shows, chosen to compete for love and money on Love Games. The three chosen women for the show are Bad girls. They enjoy fighting and controlling every aspect of their lives. They are most times selfish and used to getting their way. The show host Tynisha is the boldest of them all. She was also on the show Bad Girls where she was given the name as the Baddest. She takes no disrespect from the guys and toughens the girls up when needed.

There are 12 lucky guys who get to compete for the ladies hand. They all live together in one house and have to learn to get along or not in some cases. Love Games is about finding love. The men get to compete in different tasks to show off for the ladies. The girls in turn are also competing for HBIC. Head Bad Girl In Charge. This is a special prize, because the HBIC gets to nominate three guys for elimination. The HBIC also gets to pick a date for herself and the other two girls for their date night.

An extra twist is added to the show, because the HBIC gets to go into a secret room filled with clothes, jewelry and shoes to get ready for her date. She is also given a special power envelope along with her gift. At elimination, the two bad girls who did not win HBIC have to decide which guy to save and which goes home. If they cannot agree, the power reverts back to the HBIC and she has to decide. The guys have to fight between one another to win quality time with their ladies. They also have to play a tricky game and not offend any of the three girls, or they could find themselves up for elimination.

There can only be one girl and one guy winner, so in essence everyone has to play the game and make wise choices, girls and boys alike. At the end of the show, the guys have the option to pick either the girl for love or take the money and run.

Tuesdays at 10:00 pm on Oxygen
4 Seasons, 39 Episodes - Canceled
March 16, 2010
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Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too Full Episode Guide

  • The guys' ex-girlfriends arrive and stir things up. Elsewhere, deceit threatens to ruin Camilla's island getaway.

  • The men must show affection with money. Meanwhile, Dani and Camilla battle for a bachelor's heart in wine country.

  • The guys' ex-girlfriends stir things up. Elsewhere, deceit jeopardizes Camilla's island date.

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