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Lucky Louie is an American made television sitcom. It came out on HBO, in the year 2006. It is about a guy named Louie, and his family. Louie has a wife named Kim, and a four year old daughter named Lucy. Louie works for the local muffler shop, that is owned by his best friend Mike. Louie works at this muffler shop part time. Louie's wife Kim works full time. She is a full time registered nurse. Kim brings home more money then Louie. The other characters in the show are Tina, Walter, Ellen, Rich, and Jerry. Louie is the protagonist in the show Lucky Louie. Louis C.K. stars in the show as Louie. Louis C.K. is also the writer, and the producer of the show. The plot of the show has controversy, and comedy.

1 Season, 13 Episodes - Canceled
June 11, 2006
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Lucky Louie Full Episode Guide

  • In this exclusive unaired episode, an impromptu appearance as a clown named Mr. Pizza Box Man lands Louie a profitable new side gig. Meanwhile, Kim's foul mouth gets her in hot water at Lucy's upscale ballet class.

  • In the Season One finale, Kim realizes she hates Louie and decides to move out, to the short-term benefit of both.

  • Kim gets Louie a raise at the muffler shop, so Louie demonstrates the only control he has left--by quitting.

  • Forced to go to church after pawning Lucy off on Ellen, Louie finds an unexpected ear in the confessional booth.

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