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Megas XLR is a cartoon about the adventures of Coop, an overweight man-child with a penchant for mechanics and video games; Jamie, Coop's slacker best friend; and Kiva, an intergalactic freedom fighter from the future, as they battle an alien menace known as the Glorft with the titular Megas XLR, a massive fighting robot without a head that Coop re-purposed by replacing the head with a Cadillac XLR.

Across the span of two seasons and 26 episodes, Coop and the gang make use of the Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System to battle a variety of alien threats, while simultaneously, and repeatedly, delivering shout-outs and homages to all sorts of science-fiction, anime, or robotic television serials and films. Beyond just the Glorft race, other recurring threats to the team have included Magnanimous, the combat promoter; R.E.G.I.S. Mk. V, a seemingly unstoppable robot alien drone; Grrkek, an alien omnipath who was bound into the prison identical in appearance to that of a retro game cartridge; Ender, a super villain "who ends things;" Mecha-MEGAS, an improper copy of the original MEGAS by Glorft hands; and R.E.C.R., a flawed robot programmed to destroy "the enemy" but glitched and considered everything else as the enemy.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - Canceled
October 16, 2004
Animation & Cartoons
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Megas XLR Full Episode Guide

  • Turns out in the alternate world, Coop has beaten the Glorft and turned evil, ruling the world as he sees fit with Kiva (mechanically enhanced and down right nasty) at his side, commanding the armies! And Evil Coop has just finished work on his latest creation - a dimensional warp! He and Evil Kiva will travel through all dimensions enslaving and destroying! And he's gonna start with Coop's home dimension first! Now Coop, Gorrath and Jamie have to team up to stop these horrible villains before it's too late! The fight for the future explodes into action as Coop tries to make things right in this world so that he can save his! And then Coop and Gorrath can finally go home and finish everything once and for all!

  • Coop and Gorrath are accidentally zapped to a hostile planet in an alternate future. They are about to destroy each other when they are surrounded by modified Glorft mechs. But Gorrath's joy is short lived when the mechs attack him also! Outnumbered, and with each other as their only chance of survival, (so they can kill each other later) they team up! But who is this unstoppable force of evil they are fighting? Jamie! His forces over power Coop and Gorrath and it looks like the end is in sight! But we learn a horrible twist - Jamie is the good guy and he's been fighting a truly nasty enemy. Who could be worse? The answer comes in the form of an attack led by...General Cyber Kiva and her master - Evil Coop!

  • After spending all afternoon programming it, Coop gloats about his new universal remote control that can pretty much "control everything." Misunderstanding what Coop means, a burly alien, who kinda likes the idea of a device that can control the Universe, comes to Jersey City and steals it! Now Coop has to get his prized possession back from an alien creep that can't even get it to do anything, (much less "everything!") And if that means wreckin' the entire city - so be it!

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