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Series Length:2 Seasons, 41 Episodes
Schedule: Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on ABC

The television series Nashville tells the story of an aging country and western singer and her rivalry with a teenage country singer who is attempting to take her place as the biggest star in country music. Connie Britton plays the aging singer Rayna James who is trying to halt a slide in her popularity and sales figures; in contrast Juliette Barnes, played by Hayden Panettiere is the rising singer who is thrown together with Rayna on a tour to boost the popularity of both.

Nashville was created by Callie Khouri who won an Academy Award for writing the movie Thelma and Louise in 1992. Her script for Nashville was picked up by Disney - ABC Domestic Television for the production of pilot in 2011; the pilot was eventually produced in March 2012 and the first season released on the ABC network in the same year. The main stars of the show have all appeared in successful television series, such as Connie Britton who appeared in Spin City and Friday Night Lights; Hayden Panettiere is probably best known for her work on the science fiction series Heroes.

During the initial plot lines of Nashville Rayna James finds herself in an arranged marriage with Teddy Conrad who aims to run for Mayor of Nashville despite spending the previous years living off his wife's fortune. Rayna is also attempting to revive her career by using the lyrics written by Scarlett O'Connor, played by Australian actress Clare Bowen. The Australian actress is known for many roles in Australian drama's and soap opera's, including Home and Away.

A co-production of ABC-Disney, Gaylord Entertainment, Lionsgate Television, Walk & Chew Gum, and Cutler Productions. Initially, five episodes were completed for the first season of Nashville, each lasting 42 minutes and fitting into an hour time slot. In the U.S. the series was shown on ABC and distributed abroad by Debmar-Mercury.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Drama
Rating: 8.6/10
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  • Maddie's news goes viral and gains media attention, including being a "Hot Topic" on "The View."

  • Rayna's girls meet Luke's son Colt, a moody teenager who is popular in social media. Juliette's becomes envious of Avery's connection to Scarlett and lashes out on her.

  • Juliette and Rayna have opposing plans on how to announce Juliette's new deal with Highway 65. Meanwhile, Juliette feels like she's in Rayna's shadow.

  • Juliette shines during her performance at her Opry induction and labels are hoping to sign which causes angst for Avery. Rayna isn't able to sign new talent due to Tandy's bouncing checks around town. Deacon sees an old friend at an AA meeting causing him to realize that life on the road is full of temptation.

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