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The series entitled Obsessed is centered on the life of a lady called Lisa who falls in love with her boss Derek who is married. When Derek's wife finds out about Lisa's feelings for her husband she suspects they are having an affair. Derek holds a top ranking post of responsibility at the finance company where he works. He is married to Sharon and they both have a son called Kyle. Derek's subordinate at work is Lisa who has feelings for him and tries to seduce him. Derek falls for her charms and starts flirting with her while at work. Lisa plans to make him completely fall for her but Derek realizes what he is doing is wrong and rejects her advances. Lisa does not give up but instead tries to intensify her advances.

One day after she makes her usual moves towards Derek, he decides to report her to the human resources manager. He gets there and finds out that Lisa had just resigned. Derek is very happy but unfortunately for him, he goes to attend a conference at a resort and meets Lisa. He confronts Lisa and warns her to stay away from him. Lisa tries to commit suicide, Derek takes her to the hospital and while there his wife meets him and concludes he has a relationship with Lisa. She confronts Lisa and Lisa tells her it is true. A police detective known as Monica investigates the case and finds Derek innocent.

One day Derek and Sharon go out for an evening diner and Lisa goes to their house pretending to be Samantha, the babysitter. She kidnaps Kyle and takes him away. Derek and Sharon return and find Kyle in Derek's car safe so they take him to the hospital for routine checkup. A few days later, Lisa goes to the house again and gets into a fierce fight with Sharon. At the end Lisa dies and Derek, Sharon and Kyle live happily.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on A&E
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
May 25, 2009
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  • Phil is obsessed with cleanliness, yardwork, and organization. He is unable to connect and play with his children because he feels they will only make a mess. Kerrie is fearful of germs. She has never had a boyfriend and has no friends because she is fearful that someone will touch her. Watch the season finale to see if Phil and Kerrie can get the help they need.

  • Rashawndalyn was told once she had pre-cancerous cells and now she is overly concerned with death and dying she has lost her job and will ultimately lose her house if she doesn't get help. Melody is afraid of getting a fatal food-borne illness and is unable to live alone at college.

  • Mark obsessively counts and taps to protect his family. Sarihn continuously cleans, especially the bathroom. Her obsession is costing her relationship with her boyfriend because she is unable the be intimate with him.

  • Al and his daughters, Tammy and Jodi, suffer from agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that involves the fear of being in public or open spaces. Will they be able to get the help they need?

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