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Fairytales do come true in ABC's popular television show Once Upon a Time. This weekly drama brings many of the more famous fairy tale characters to life right on the screen. Instead of just ripping the story of each character from the books, the creators of Once Upon a Time have gone deeper, used massive amounts of imagination, and have provided each character a deeper, more in-depth life than what is written in the books.

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter and first appears in Storybrooke, Maine, in the very first episode of Once Upon a Time. Her backstory is sad but a very important detail that ties much of the first season together. Emma was raised an orphan and spends much of her life on the run and alone. She came to Storybrooke to find the son that she gave up for adoption years before as a young woman. Little did Miss Emma Swan know that once she found her long lost son, she would encounter so much more. She quickly finds herself protecting her new upside-down hometown from the evils of magic. While in the first season magic was not part of the show, it was always something that the evil queen, Regina, and Rumpelstiltskin, Mr. Gold, kept striving to create.

Regina (Lana Parrilla), the evil queen that spent her fairytale life trying to kill off Snow White, is the mayor of Storybrooke. She is also the adopted mother to Henry, Emma's little boy. Henry is given a book of fairytales from his teacher. He believes in each story and spends much of his time trying to convince others of his ideas. Prince Charming, or David as the residents of Storybrooke know him, first appears as a John Doe in the local hospital. Before David comes out of his coma, Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin), also known as Snow White in the fairytale, finds herself drawn to the mysterious patient and stays by his side, reading to him, and falling in love. When he awakens David finds that he has amnesia and cannot remember any of his past, and this includes any memories of his wife. He is drawn to Mary Margaret and they spend a lot of time together. This is the time when Regina's true colors come to life and she makes it impossible, or almost impossible, for the two to remain together.

The evil Rumpelstiltskin, or Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle), is an antique store owner in this altered reality of the fairytale. In his former life, before the curse came and wiped out the memory of most of the fairytale characters, Rumpelstiltskin was also known as the dark one that everyone feared. Rumpelstiltskin was once a timid, scared man. He lost his wife because of weakness, and eventually lost his son because of his new, evil powers. He spent his time trying to find a way to find his son, and those who got in his way found out quickly what he was capable of.

Pinocchio, the seven dwarves, Captain Hook and many other familiar fairy tale characters spend some time appearing in at least two episodes each of Once Upon a Time. The female warrior Mulan makes a small appearance at the end of season one and continues to be a presence in season two. Princess Aurora, or sleeping beauty, is also a new character that appears in most of season two. Little Red Riding Hood, well known to the residents of Storybrooke as Ruby, is a cast member that has been in both season one and two. Ruby's story is a much different picture than what one would have derived from the books, but the familiar Granny character does appear in almost every episode that Ruby does.

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Once Upon a Time Full Episode Guide

  • When the Author and Gold team up, they become unstoppable as they turn the tables on both the heroes and the villains in the second part of the season finale.

  • In the first part of the season finale, Henry is burdened with restoring the balance.

  • When Gold's health takes a turn for the worse, Isaac looks to a new ally for help procuring the magic ink he needs to re-write history.

  • Emma discovers Maleficent's daughter Lily was her friend from her foster care days, she decides to find Lily and reunite her with her mother.

Once Upon a Time News

'Once Upon a Time' Casts Cruella De Vil

There's a new villain coming to "Once Upon a Time" and she's old-school! ABC has reportedly cast Victoria Smurfit as Cruella De Vil on the Disney-heavy fantasy drama. Though Disney and ABC haven't commented on the casting yet, Smurfit leaked the secret on Twitter a bit early. "Super excited about playing Cruella for such an iconic show as @OnceABC," Smurfit tweeted, but almost immediately deleted the tweet. We're guessing ABC got hold of her pretty quickly.

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Season 4, Episode 3: 'Rocky Road'

Robin, Marian, and their son go for ice cream (to the woman with the same powers as Elsa). She makes Marian's cone and puts an extra spell on it. They take Elsa to Gold, wanting to know how she ended up in one of his urns, but he doesn't know, and she can't remember. They don't believe him so he has Belle command him to tell the truth using the "dagger." He insists he didn't know. Elsa is worried that Anna hasn't returned home, and wants to go after her.

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Season 4, Episode 2: 'White Out'

Elsa is determined to find out what happened to Anna. She puts up an ice wall around Storybrooke. Back in the Enchanted Forest, Anna knocks on a door... it is David, before he was Prince. He is friends with Kristoff. Anna asks to sleep in his barn, pretending to be someone named Joan, but he sees right through her. He warns her to hide as someone named Bo Peep rides up. In Storybrooke, Henry makes a basket for his mom to help her get over her breakup. A crow arrives with a message from Regina - she doesn't want to see Henry.

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Season 4, Episode 1: 'A Tale of Two Sisters'

A long time ago - as a ship goes down in the ocean, a queen stops to write a letter. With the help of her husband they fling it overboard for Anna and Elsa, hoping that the truth will reach them. Years later, Anna and Elsa visit their memorial. Elsa brings Anna away to show her a surprise she has for her wedding. It's their mother's wedding dress, and a snowflake necklace from Elsa as a gift. As Anna tries on the dress, Elsa finds a diary and reads it, horrified. She realizes she is the reason her parents are dead.

New 'Once Upon a Time' Promo Features More 'Frozen'

Elsa has arrived, and not everyone in Storybrooke is happy about it. The latest promo for "Once Upon a Time" features the "Frozen" heroine strolling through the streets of Storybrooke and past a few familiar landmarks (such as Mr. Gold's shop) as well as a few familiar faces (such as Mr. Gold himself). As she goes, she freezes the town over, leading to different reactions from the characters. Mr. Gold stays inside and peers out at Elsa from a distance; Snow and Charming look ready to fight her if necessary; and Hook just seems confused.

'Once Upon a Time' Casts its Prince Hans, Troll King

"Once Upon a Time" is rounding out its "Frozen" cast members... added recently is Tyler Jacob Moore and John Rhys-Davis. Tyler Jacob Moore, who you might recognize from "Shameless," will be stepping in as Prince Hans, the heartless and power-hungry charmer who originally made Anna (Elizabeth Lail) fall for him. Since "Once Upon a Time" will be picking up where "Frozen" left off, it's a fair bet there's some angry feelings there. He is described as having a chip on his shoulder and a burning desire to be king, so it sounds like not much has changed.

Anna and Kristoff of 'Frozen' Cast in 'Once Upon a Time'

Meet your new "Once Upon a Time" power couple! The season finale of "OUAT" revealed that the newest addition to the cast of characters would be none other than Elsa of "Frozen." As time went on, it was rumored that other "Frozen" characters would be joining the cast as well. Sure enough, new casting news from the production shows that Anna and Kristoff will be characters on the show, and the actors have already been chosen! Kristoff will be played by Scott Michael Foster, while Elizabeth Lail will take on the role of Elsa's younger sister Anna.

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Season 3, Episode 22: 'There's No Place Like Home'

2001. Neal brings Emma coffee as he picks a lock and breaks her into a closed carnival. She asks him his story - it appears to be a first date. He tells her about his "screwed up family situation" and the feeling of missing a home. Thrown into the dungeons, Emma meets the girl who was captured at the village previously. She tells her everyone is to be executed in the morning. Charming captures Snow, and demands his ring back. Hook steps in to say that Emma has it. Snow offers to break into Regina's castle to get the ring and free Snow, if they cut her down.

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Season 3, Episode 21: 'Snow Drifts'

A little girl is adopted from a group home, 18 years ago. Young Emma watches her leave, crying. Emma asks Snow and Charming what to call the baby, but they want to announce his name at a coronation - well, a potluck at Granny's anyway. Henry brings in an ad for an apartment, but Emma sidesteps the idea. Regina and Robin kiss, celebrating the return of her heart. She explains to him about seeing his tattoo in the tavern, and he thinks perhaps things were meant to happen in their own time.

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Season 3, Episode 20: 'Kansas'

Snow is rushed to the hospital, in labor. Gold spins straw into gold, which Zelena collects and turns into a brain as spinning clears his mind. One ingredient left. In the past, Glinda comes to visit Zelena. She thanks her for what she did to the Wizard, who tricked the people of Oz. She tells Zelena she is wasting her powers on trying to go back in time. Glinda tells Zelena to come with her, and meet her real sisters. As Emma works on a protection spell at the hospital, she scolds Hook for not telling her about his curse.

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Season 3, Episode 19: 'A Curious Thing'

Back in the Enchanted Forest, before the curse, Zelena is confronted by Regina, Snow and Charming. She simply freezes them all, and checks Snow's belly. Determining the baby will do perfectly, she flies off. As Regina and Robin kiss, she asks him what he sees in her - and he says a second chance. Later everyone discusses the situation. They think if they can break the curse, they may find out they already know how to defeat Zelena. Regina thinks that, similarly to how Emma broke the curse by believing, they need to get Henry to remember and believe.

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Season 3, Episode 18: 'Bleeding Through'

Regina opens the door to the bell and finds a basket of green apples on her stoop. Behind her, Zelena sits comfortably on the table. She helps herself around the house, telling Regina she takes everything for granted. As the two bicker, Zelena tells Regina she has no idea what really happened with Cora - and that's what will really hurt her. And then the truth comes out: Zelena is keeping an eye on Regina so the Dark One can take her heart. In the woods, Gold is held at arrow point by Robin Hood, the guardian of the heart.

'Once Upon a Time' Considering 'Frozen' Cross-Over

One of the fun things about "Once Upon a Time" is seeing your favorite Disney characters pop up on the show. But for the most part, the characters we've seen have been classics that have been around for a long time: Snow White, Captain Hook, Prince Charming, etc. But new-school Disney is about to make an appearance! E! Online is reporting that "OUAT" producers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are considering adding the characters from "Frozen" to the Storybrooke gang.

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: Season 3, Episode 17: 'The Jolly Roger'

Flashback to Hook, dressed in a knight's outfit, stopping a caravan on the road. Dummies with arrows light up, making it seem that he is surrounded by an army. The soldiers retreat, and Hook and his small band take the gold. While celebrating, Hook's men tell him they have a treat for him - a prostitute. He goes into the room with her and pays her again... to lie about sleeping with him. As she leaves, Hook is knocked out by a girl: Ariel. Nine months later: Emma and Charming attempt to put together the cradle for Snow's baby.

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