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"Paranormal Witness," is a SYFY Channel original series that centers around people's paranormal experiences. These can range from ghostly encounters to alien sightings, out of body experiences or angel visitations. Anything that can not be readily explained is included in this documentary style show.

Each episode is one hour long and is done in a first person story telling style. People that have paranormal experiences are interviewed and they give their account as to what happened. Any actual film or footage that as taken at the time is also included in the story telling.

As the individuals involved in that weeks episode tell their story, a number of actors who represent the real life people reenact their tale. You actually get to see their paranormal experience as if you were watching a horror show. These are real life documented stories told by the people who lived through the experience.

In most cases as an episode comes to an end there is some form of closure to the paranormal experience. Some examples are the family moving from a haunted house or tenants performing a ritual to stop a haunting. However, in some cases such as alien encounters, you can see that even after investigating with air traffic control and police helicopters, the foreign object still could not be explained.

Some stories can be frightening and other enlightening. Some actual footage can be disturbing to viewers. This show is not intended to be seen by young audiences and for this reason, is aired in the evenings.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
5 Seasons, 60 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 7, 2011
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  • The town of Santa Susana Knolls, California is known for its troubled past with biker gangs and violence. When a woman rents out the dilapidated guesthouse of her newly purchased home, strange occurrences take place.

  • Following Stephen Richards' execution for the murder of nine people in 1879, it appeared his reign of terror was over...until the Pracht family moved into their new home in the empty plains of Nebraska...

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