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Parenthood is a popular family drama on NBC. It features the Braverman family headed by the father Zeke. It follows the family as they encounter life's problems and celebrate their joys. They all have their faults, in fact; they are the very picture of a dysfunctional family. They love each other, fight with each other and share in one another's blessings. Just like an ordinary family.

The show touches on three generations of the Bravermans. Parenthood deals with many social issues. Interracial marriage, infidelity, teenage pregnancy and many other common events that each family experiences. A viewer can easily identify with this family.

The series is a very real picture of families that are learning to deal with important issues in their lives. How can they begin to cope with a child that has been diagnosed with Aspergers' Syndrom? Anyone that has a child like this young boy will be able to identify with all the stages a parent goes through when they receive the diagnosis. First there is denial, anger and finally acceptance. The willingness to advocate for Max is an important part of dealing with his disability.

Max is learning to handle his disability while his parents struggle to understand his needs. Grandfather Zeke does not understand the unique challenges Max has to endure. He feels that if Max is treated just like any other child of that age he will be fine. Zeke finally is coming to terms with the fact that his grandson is different from other children his age.

This family is so real, it is easy to get involved in their lives, be happy when they are happy and cry when things go bad. Julia and Joel struggle with a relationship that is often strained because he is so popular with stay at home moms. Julia is a top lawyer and he is the stay at home dad. A new baby is coming into their family and the show will show the struggles of a new mom who is also a full-time worker.

Soon the new season will begin. Join the Braverman family on the first episode. Join them in their struggles and triumphs.

6 Seasons, 103 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
March 2, 2010
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  • In the series finale, Amber's grandparents step in to help her with motherhood. Meanwhile, Sarah surrounds herself with her loved ones on her big day.

  • Camille and Zeek come to a conclusion regarding Zeek's health; Amber goes into labor.

  • Zeek and Camille happen upon some old rolls of film, which Max develops. Meanwhile, Sarah and Julia express their concerns; and Jasmine intervenes when Adam and Crosby are deciding the fate of the Luncheonette.

  • Zeek is rushed to the hospital as his family anxiously awaits an update on his status.

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