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When the Fox network first introduced Raising Hope it looked like a typical, cute sitcom about a dysfunctional family trying to raise a baby. The show does revolve around a family with many quirks but is not solely cute. Raising Hope uses a mix of tender moments and dark comedy to draw in viewers.

The Chance family are a group of low income screw ups who enjoy the simple pleasures in life because they cannot afford anything else. Virginia (Martha Plimpton) and Burt Chance (Garret Dillahunt) both work menial service jobs while supporting their grown up son Jimmy (Lucas Neff). They all stay with Virgina's mother Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman) against her will. However, she suffers from dementia and often does know what her will is or what decade she is in. Jimmy is content mooching off his family and slacking off until an encounter with a serial killer changes his life.

Jimmy thinks his luck has reversed when he meets a beautiful woman one night. It is soon revealed that she murders all her boyfriends. Jimmy survives the encounter but is surprised nine months later when he meets his daughter Princess Beyonce. The mother is on death row and the baby goes to Jimmy. This leads Jimmy to realize that his life is leading nowhere. Instead of dropping the baby at the fire station like many young dads in his area do, he thinks that raising his daughter may give him a purpose. He changes the girl's name to Hope and embarks on the journey to fatherhood with reluctant help from his family.

Sinister humor is always present because of a serial killer girlfriend, unflinching jokes about the true hardships of being poor, Maw Maw's mental issues and more. The blunt nature of these jokes are offset by the sweetness of the Chances as they fall in love with Hope and begin to raise her. They are all committed to ensuring she has more opportunities than them even if they have no clue how to give her said opportunities. Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) comes from a wealthy background and tries to help them. She is a sweet yet sarcastic girl that rounds out the cast as Jimmy's love interest.

Anyone who likes oddball situations and wants to add a unique show to their viewing lineup will love Raising Hope. The strong cast, adorable infant and outlandish comedy continues to interest fans and draw new viewers to the show.

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4 Seasons, 89 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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Raising Hope Full Episode Guide

  • Arnold surprises Virginia and Burt with the dream wedding they never got to have as teen parents.

  • Jimmy and Sabrina are surprised by a gift her late grandmother has left. Meanwhile, Burt is able to quit his job to pursue his passion in life, or at least figure it out.

  • Virginia and Burt try to fill the void of being "empty nesters" with a dog.

  • Virginia stops believing in magical things, but then reconsiders when a ghost appears in their house. When Burt discovers that Jim Hughes has secretly been living in their house's bomb shelter, Burt and Jim pretend to believe in Virginia's antics in order to make her believe in the paranormal again.

Raising Hope News

FOX Cancels 'Raising Hope'

FOX doled out good news for four of its shows last week, but this week begins with a big downer for another. The network announced on Monday that it's cancelling "Raising Hope" at the end of the current season. This season is the fourth for the comedy, and its ratings have been dismal this year. After the network moved it to Fridays this season, its ratings sank to a season-long average 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That's not good, but it should be noted that it's not a lot worse than "The Mindy Project," which picked up a third-season renewal last week.

'Raising Hope' Season 3, Episode 22: 'Mother's Day' Recap

“Raising Hope”, season 3, episode 22, “Mother’s Day” Burt and Virginia go through some of Maw Maw’s possessions on Mother’s day. When Jimmy gets home, they reveal that they figured it would be a nice Mother’s Day gift for Maw Maw if they helped her remember that she had a mother, but they haven’t found anything to help trigger her memory, or any pictures. Maw Maw doesn’t believe she had a mother. Sabrina tries to get ahold of her mother who is in China with no success.

'Raising Hope' Season 3, Episode 21: 'Burt Mitzvah: The Musical' Recap

“Raising Hope”, season 3, episode 21, “Burt Mitzvah: The Musical” It’s Easter time at the Chance residence. Burt and Virginia prepare for a visit from Burt’s parents (played by Shirley Jones and Lee Majors). When they arrive, they tell Burt they have big news, and they should all sit down. She tells Burt that she went to a bar mitzvah and realized that they had a cousin in common with the family, which means that, according the Jewish tradition, that Burt is Jewish.

'Raising Hope' Season 3, Episode 20: 'The Old Girl' Recap

‘Raising Hope’, season 3, episode 20, ‘The Old Girl’ Jimmy tells us how Hope got bit by a cow at a petting zoo, so to avoid a lawsuit, the petting zoo, which is run by the butcher shop, sent them home with 500 pounds of beef. So they have eaten nothing but meat. Burt and Maw Maw complain that they haven’t pooped in a week. Sabrina runs in and says she met a new friend, Rachel (Hilary Duff), at the gym as she was trying to work off some of the meat. Rachel calls as she’s telling them, and Sabrina shows them a picture of her.

'Raising Hope' Season 3, Episode 19: 'Making the Band' Recap

‘Raising Hope’, season 3, episode 19, ‘Making the Band’ In the playground, all the parents are boasting about their kids, much to Jimmy and Sabrina’s chagrin. Jimmy says they usually ignore them, but they were on a mission this time. A few weeks ago, Jimmy and Sabrina were trying to plan Hope’s birthday party, but realized that Hope doesn’t have any kid friends to invite to the party they can’t afford. But Virginia points out that the only way they can have kid friends is to talk to the parents and hear them gloat about their kids.

'Raising Hope' Season 3, Episode 18: 'Arbor Daze' Recap

‘Raising Hope’, season 3, episode 18, ‘Arbor Daze’ Virginia and Burt prepare for their Arbor Day celebrations, where kids (just Jimmy) would get visited by “Papa Woody” and given presents. Sabrina asks why they celebrate Arbor Day that way, and Virginia tells her how they celebrated all the holidays for Jimmy, President’s Day, Groundhog’s Day, etc. For all the holidays, they’d gather around and watch “90210”. For Arbor Day, they reveal that they’d dig up baby trees, and attach gifts to them for Jimmy to find.

'Raising Hope' Season 3, Episode 17: 'Sex, Clown and Videotape' Recap

Burt hunts down a rogue fly in his kitchen that has been tormenting him, but he refuses to kill it. He tells Virginia it’s because he was voted “least likely to hurt a fly” in high school, and he wants to live up to that title, unlike his other classmates with their accolades. He finally catches the fly, and releases it outside just to watch it fly into a spider web. “Wow. That is going to be a slow, slow death.” Jimmy wakes up on a teeter-totter on a school playground.

'Raising Hope' Season 3, Episode 16: 'Yo Zappa Do, Part 2' Recap

In a very Meta recap, one of the production team for Yo Zappa Do goes over what happened in last week’s “cliffhanger”. Now that Hope is a star, the producer goes over important paper work for Hope, and insists on a drug test for the toddler. He also requests that one of the family members act as an extra on the show, in order to help the kid along. Everyone volunteers, but the position goes to Jimmy. Trevor approaches Jimmy, hurling insults under the guise of extending an olive branch, still bitter that Jimmy won Sabrina (despite Trevor being only 14).

'Raising Hope' Season 3, Episode 15: 'Yo Zappa Do, Part 1' Recap

Barney surprises Jimmy and Sabrina with their wedding gift. A miniature armoire. Burt attempts to install a ceiling fan and Virginia enjoys his failed attempts, taking pictures as he electrocutes himself. Jimmy and Sabrina sit down with Hope and watch “Yo Zappa Do”, a show that Hope is surprisingly fond of. Sabrina and Jimmy recognize the character on the show as Trevor, a young kid who “had a thing for Sabrina.” Burt and Virginia attempt to hire a day laborer to translate the instructions to install their ceiling fan.

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