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Real Husbands of Hollywood is a comedy show created by comedian Kevin Hart. Real Husbands of Hollywood is an all male parody of the Housewives reality shows. Kevin is divorced and not accustomed to living below his means. Nick Cannon appears as himself. He is trying to convince his friends that he is more than just Mr. Mariah Carey.

Robin Thicke appears as a parody of himself. He is considered the pretty boy of the group and the prima donna. He is married to Paula Patton. Robin Thicke is whinny and high maintenance. He is totally convinced that the others are after his wife. He is a stickler when it comes to his appearance.

Rounding out this group of husbands are actor Duane Martin who is married to actress Tisha Campbell-Martin, Actor Boris Kodjoe who is married to Nicole Ari Parker and comedian JB Smoove, married to Shahidah Omar. Each of these men have a problem with their wives. Some constantly complain about not getting enough attention from their women. The men gather around the table to voice their frustrations with Hollywood life and what it feels like to be kept men.

Each week the audience are shown the lonely life of the Hollywood husbands as the men play golf, or go shopping. Every once in a while the men get together for a cookout and lounge around the pool lamenting on their lonely, pampered lives.

They get mean and sarcastic and at times lazy and self serving. They argue with each other constantly or complain about how they are being ignored by their wives. As mean and vindictive as they can get, they complain about how hard their wives work and profess love for their wives.

Each week there are special guests such as Cedric the Entertainer, Nelly, and Bobby Brown, who proclaims that he was the first house husband. This show is made as a series of skits and improvisation comedy. Kevin Hart is the protagonist and every week he gets under the skin of the other house husbands. These men squabble with each other, throw drinks at each other and get into very heated arguments. The Real Husbands of Hollywood is shown on BET.

Tuesdays at 10:00 pm on BET
5 Seasons, 51 Episodes - Currently Airing
January 15, 2013
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Real Husbands of Hollywood Full Episode Guide

  • Kevin makes a make up deal. The guys compete to be the next James Bond. Boris is bald.

  • Kevin goes back to high school to get his degree. Trina and Wayne go on Lets Make a Deal.

  • Robin wants Kevin to be his sponsor. Nia reprises role as sex addict.

  • Kevin's six-week poker winning streak may be disrupted by Arsenio Hall and Craig Robinson, who had a role in sabotaging Kevin's pilot.

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After spending a night in jail, actor and comedian Kevin Hart changes his tune about his arrest and calls it a "wake up call."

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