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Rectify is an original legal drama about a man named Daniel Holden who was imprisoned as a teenager for the rape and murder of his sixteen year old girlfriend, Hanna. However, new DNA evidence clears him and he returns to his hometown Paulie, Georgia, after spending nineteen years of his life in death row. Rectify is the story of a man after spending most of his life in prison and what awaits him in the other side.

Rectify was created by Ray McKinnon who was well known as an actor in such films as Apollo 13, The Net, The Pretender, and Dead Man's Walk. His more recent work includes being the director of Randy and The Mob, and I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down.

During the initial plotline, Daniel holden is met by his lawyer John Sterm, mother Janet, sister Amantha, stepfather Ted, and stepbrotehr Ted Jr. Daniel leaves a Georgia prison after spending nineteen years on death row incarcerated for a crime he wasn't fully responsible for. Thanks to new DNA evidence, showing that eighteen year old Daniel was not solely responsible for the rape and murder of his sixteen year old girlfriend Hanna that has been alleged during his trial. The Senator Roland Foulkes tells Daniel that he has not been exonerated and that he will still be pursued by the law. From there on the storyline twists and turns into something a touch twisted, and almost surreal, but definitely in the realm of possibility.

Rectify is a show that was shown on the Sundance channel. Initially, six episodes were completed for the first season of Rectify. The show has the standard drama time of an hour timeslot for each episode including commercials. The series has been picked up for a second season which will be coming out in 2014.

3 Seasons, 17 Episodes - New Series
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  • Daniel is skeptical of Jon Stern's advice. Tawney reconsiders her choices and Ted, Jr. asks a favor. Janet makes an upsetting discovery. Amantha levels with Jon Stern. Sheriff Daggett investigates a lead.

  • Amantha releases built-up tension. Ted, Jr. is frustrated by recent events. Ted, Sr. protects his family. Daniel faces a difficult decision.

  • Daniel reluctantly asks for help. Janet sees the error of her ways. Jon Stern reveals some startling news, triggering a heated family debate. Jared seeks comfort from Ted, Jr. and Tawney. CJ Pickens surrenders unsettling information.

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