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The CGI animated series Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles follows the events surrounding the Razaks Roughneck Mobile Infantry squad during the SICON-Bugs War. This war takes place between humanity and the Bugs, which are an alien species spreading through systems to colonize planets. Roughnecks centers around Alpha squad who are ordered to Pluto after Operation Pest Control. Rino Romano voices Rico, the main protagonist of the series who leads his squad to different planets and across other systems eventually tracking the Bugs to their homeworld.

Roughnecks:Starship Trooper Chronicles is based on the novel by Robert A Heinlein that was adapted into a film in 1997. It ran from August of 1999 to April of 2000 with only one season and a total of 40 episodes. The episodes were separated into arcs of 5 episodes each totaling 8 campaigns throughout the series. The show aired on the Australian channel, BKN and was syndicated in the United States and Canada, being picked up by the Sci-Fi channel and Teletoon respectively.

The initial story revolved around Alpha Squad tracking a Transport Bug back to a planet where a Brain Bug resided. This leads to the information detailing plans for the destruction of the human race followed by control of the universe. Another planet named Tophet contains a species which the Bugs have enslaved to mine resources for their Transport Bugs. At the cost of one of their comrades life, the squad frees the slave species known as Skinnies, who ally themselves with SICON. SICON is the coalition of nations on earth that have united together to fight the Bugs as a common enemy.

The series was produced by Columbia Tristar and Sony Pictures who contracted Foundation Imaging to create the CGI animation. After episode 11 however, Foundation Imaging was unable to keep up with the schedule and Sony hired on 2 other companies to produce the 3D animation.

1 Season, 41 Episodes - Canceled
August 31, 1999
Animation & Cartoons
Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles
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  • At the beginning of a mission, Lt. Razak ignores a standing directive and orders the saturation bombing of a landing zone.

  • At the beginning of a mission, Lt. Razak ignores a standing directive and orders the saturation bombing of a landing zone.

  • Dozens of Fleet Ships are hunting for the Bug Queen, after she somehow escaped during the M.I. showdown on Klendathu.

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