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Sofia the First is an animated Disney TV series that features a young, seven-year-old girl named Sofia, voiced by Ariel Winters. Sofia and her mother are commoners and are extremely happy with their life together. However, when Sofia's mother falls in love with and marries the King, Sofia is thrust into a life of royalty.

At first, Sofia is extremely uncomfortable with her new life, but with the help of three fairy godmothers, Merryweather, Fauna and Flora, Sofia quickly learns how to look like a princess. Unfortunately, through a series of events, many which involve her step-sister Princess Amber, Sofia learns that behaving like a princess is not as easy as appearing like a princess.

The three godmothers enroll Sofia in their Royal Training Academy, and begin to teach her the mannerisms of a princess, which include grace, honesty, loyalty, generosity and kindness. As Sofia transforms into a princess, she struggles with losing her identity as a commoner, specifically the lifelong friendships she had created with other village children. Refusing to forget her village roots, Sofia tries to introduce her village friends to her royal friends. Even though not all of her friends are excited about creating new friendships, Sofia encourages them to get to know each other.

In addition to Sofia's princess lessons, she is also given the Magic Amulet of Avalor. This coveted royal tool allows Sofia to converse with animals. Talking with animals is a way for Sofia to release pressure and frustration that she feels during her princess lessons. However, Sofia's possession of the amulet also makes her the target of the evil wizard Cedric. Cedric desires the amulet, and will do anything to get it. The evil wizard even goes as far as befriending Sofia in order to get close enough to her to steal her magical tool.

This Disney animated series was created by Craig Gerber and showcases a cast of celebrity voices including Wayne Brady, Mandy Moore and Tim Gunn. In addition to Sofia's immediate royal family, other popular Disney princesses also appear in the series. Disney Princesses who have cameo appearances in the series include Cinderella, Tiana, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Belle and Jasmine.

Friday 9:00 AM et/pt on Disney Junior
3 Seasons, 75 Episodes - Currently Airing
December 17, 2012
Animation & Cartoons, Children
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Sofia the First Full Episode Guide

  • Sofia must keep Lucinda€™s witch friends from ruining her Cauldronation Day.

  • Sofia helps Princess Charlotte undo a curse that has turned her into a beast.

  • Sofia travels to Wei Ling for a kite festival.

  • Sofia helps the Noble Knight find a magical shield!

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