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The current hit by Disney known as Special Agent Oso is the series that was created by Ford Riley. The show first aired on April 4, 2009 and quickly became a hit among children of all ages. The show was first placed on the block for Playhouse Disney that was aimed more towards the younger generation of children who are preschoolers. When the Playhouse Disney block was removed and renamed to Disney Junior, it continued to air.

The voice of Sean Astin, the bear who is known as Oso is there to help children to simply perform a task such as blowing bubbles or to help them make a card. Other simple tasks are shown on the show like how to clean your room. The series is based on Oso and the friends he has while showing children the educational side of activities in a engaging way.

The boss of Oso, Mr. Dos is there to assign his mission however has never actually been seen. All Special Agent Oso hears is the voice of his boss which originates from his watch. The special agent Wolfie is there as a blue wolf who is one of the agents in charge of Oso and his training. Special agent Dottie will work along with Wolfie to oversee his training where there is a slight love interest between the two.

The show displays the tasks at hand by displaying the difficulties or the task for the day by Shutterbug. Shutterbug will first fly out and snap video or picture of the child that Oso is to help for the day and come back to Oso where his mission will be displayed for him along with the visual aspect of the assignment.

This show is great for children who would love to learn how to do something on their own without much assistance from their parents but does it in a way that makes the child feel as if they are learning to do on their own. Preschoolers and children slightly older love the cartoon and this is why it is so popular amongst mothers. Mothers like the idea that the child is actually learning independent skills from the series while the children simply believe they are watching a simple cartoon.

2 Seasons, 48 Episodes - Canceled
March 23, 2009
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  • For Your Hands Only: Eun-Kyung learns to make a special handprint for her Mom's Mothers Day gift. Thunderbeam: Leah practices walking across a balance beam with Oso.

  • A View to a Fire Drill: Oso helps Marie and her friends with a practice fire drill. Thunderbelt: Maya learns how to buckle her seat belt.

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