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Stargate SG 1 is a must watch for any and all fans of the science fiction genre. It's melding of action, drama, and of course science fiction is spectacular. The3 show also boasts a great cast, with actors such as Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping. With great writers and a killer story Stargate SG1 is perfect for all manner of science fiction fans.

The show follows Dr.Daniel Jackson, Captain Samantha Carter, and Colonel Jack O'Neill as they explore foreign worlds. The travel is facilitated through a Stargate, a wormhole created between two points in space, and is funded by the military. The group initially meets an ancient alien race bent on the enslavement of the human race. These enemies provide some of the main suspense and character development in the SG 1 series.

The enemies in Stargate SG 1 are quite interesting. The main enemy in the show, the Goa'uld, are heavily based on the ancient Egyptians. Their culture as well of their technology is indicative of the pyramids and ancient Egyptian religion. The other main enemy, the Replicators, are somewhat one dimensional however they still provide some interesting situations as well as some character development and drama.

Overall Stargate SG 1 is a great science fiction television show. It provides a suspenseful and enjoyable experience for science fiction fans. The show has a great plot and decent character development as well as enough action and drama to keep anyone interested. Stargate SG 1 is definitely worth watching for any and all science fiction fans.

10 Seasons, 218 Episodes - Canceled
October 24, 2016
Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
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Stargate SG1 Full Episode Guide

  • When the Asgard decide to share all their knowledge and technology with Earth, they do so by incorporating that knowledge and technology into the Odyssey. However, the incorporated Asgard systems become a tracking beacon for the Ori and every time the Odyssey drops out of hyperspace it is attacked by the Ori.Finally, after numerous attacks, when just about to be destroyed, Carter uses the Asgard time dilation technology to slow down time in hopes of finding enough time to plan an escape from their certain destruction.However, can Carter figure out the impossible escape? And just how long will it take?

  • Vala is forced to leave SG-1 when her prophetic dreams of the location of Merlin's treasure lead SG teams into a trap. Adria finds her mother and wants the now independent Vala to take her to the treasure. However, SG-1 and Baal have plans of their own.

  • When a terrorist attacks a Jaffa summit, Teal'c strikes out on a quest for revenge

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