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At some time or another, we've had to rent storage space for many reasons but usually for the over accumulation of stuff, whether for moving, removing clutter, or to protect valuable items, or even for doing business out of, serving as storage for job materials or even as office supplies. For various unfortunate circumstances, those items are sometimes lost, due to non-payment of the storage bills. If you do not pay the storage fee, the manager of the facility will put a big lock on your bin, and you are not allowed your belongings until the bill is paid up to date.

If you do not pay the bill, your property then becomes the property of the storage company. There are some storage units lost, that have some very valuable, and occasionally priceless, items inside. In order to get their money due on the units, the management then holds a public auction and sells your property off to the highest bidder. This is how the reality show, Storage Hunters, was born!

Notice is given when an upcoming public auction is going to be held, of the unpaid storage units, in several towns all over the USA. Most of the interested parties in these auctions, use this as a means of income, by purchasing the unit at as low a bid as possible, hoping there are some great items hidden inside, so they can sell the contents themselves at a reasonable profit. This, in fact, is THEIR business, and they take it very seriously!

Beginning in 2010, in California, with only a few regulars, the show Storage Hunters began, on A&E, and has grown into a 3 year, extremely popular production, under the direction of Barry Weiss, with over 20 shows per season, including several very knowledgeable, engaging, and comical auctioneers, plus sufficient security to keep all the bidders, who many times get a LOT out of control, in line and separated, as they battle for the rights to evaluate in a five minute peek from outside each unit, to determine what amount they are willing to take a chance on bidding, to obtain ownership of the contents.

Each week, a new auction, with many business owners, their teams and bidders return, starring as the production's regulars, and is broadcast on the Arts and Entertainment Network, called Storage Hunters. Every episode leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting to see the contents of each storage unit, who will win the bid war, and how well the winning bidder did.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on truTV
5 Seasons, 77 Episodes - Currently Airing
June 21, 2011
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Storage Hunters Full Episode Guide

  • The bidders visit hidden storage bunkers in Hawaii and contend with the locals.

  • The bidders head to the beautiful islands of Hawaii for an auction at a marine-life park, where T-Money's interest is peaked by a locked cabinet and Brandon and Lori want old medical equipment.

  • An auction goes well into the dark, so the bidders pull out their flashlights.

  • The bidders get the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes tour of the grounds of the L.A. County Fair, a locale that dates back to 1922.

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