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Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a South Korean television series that came out in the year 2010. The show is known to be a historical drama about a girl who impersonates a boy in order to attend the highest educational institute in the country known as Sungkyunkwan. Unfortunately no women are allowed to attend and therefore she is going up against a considerable amount of odds. The show is based on a 2007 novel called The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars.

The show takes place during a time when women were not allowed to get education nor be employed. However a woman named Kim Yoon hee decides to take care of her family by working. She also decides to attend an educational institution known as the Sungkyunkwan. In order to do this she must disguise herself as a boy so that she can get in the institution. Due to her promising ability as a test taker she is admitted into the institution in order to educate herself more. At the same time she needs to deal with an unruly upperclassman, a moody roommate, a very strict student body president and also keep her identity a secret. She also needs to keep her feelings for a classmate in check as well.

This show won many awards during its time on the air. From 2010 to 2012 the show won many awards such as best new actor, the Popularity award, the Excellence Award for a drama series actress and best new director. The show also got accolades for being the best Korean drama and among the best miniseries shows too. Since the show is from another country, not many North American viewers got a chance to see the show. However this was still a very good show to viewers in Asia and other parts of the world. The content of the show was very intriguing and therefore may appeal to people who like to check out some of the past cultural customs of South Korea.

KBS America
1 Season, 20 Episodes - Canceled
August 30, 2010
Korean Drama, Anime
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Sungkyunkwan Scandal Full Episode Guide

  • Chaos erupts within Sungkyunkwan when Ha In Soo finds out that Kim Yoon Shik is really a girl.

  • The hunt for the Red Messenger becomes more intense, and Lee Seon Joon makes a self-sacrificing decision that affects the other three friends.

  • Seon Joon and Yoon Hee's relationship is threatened with heartbreak when they discover the truth concerning the death of Yoon Hee's father.

  • The Jal Geum Quartet is summoned by the King to solve a political mystery that brings about shocking revelations from the past.

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