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The musical animated film entitled Tarzan is about the adventures of Tarzan. The film starts when a couple alongside their only son made an escape from a burning ship and find themselves in a forest. Not long after, a leopardess known as Sabor attacks and kills the couple leaving the child alone. A female gorilla known as Kala rescues the child and takes it to her house to raise it against the wish of her mate Kerchak. Kala names the child Tarzan and he grows up as the only human among other animals friends like Tantor and Terk in the forest.

As Tarzan grows older he succeeds to kill Sabor with his spear to protect the other animals and this pleases Kerchak. The gorilla's start enjoying a peaceful life but shortly after a group of humans arrive the forest and start causing disruption. They include Porter and his daughter Jane as well as Claydon their guide. While in the forest, Jane loses track of the others and baboons start chasing her. Fortunately, Tarzan comes to her aid and is surprised that she looks like him.

Jane takes Tarzan to her father and he appreciates him for saving his daughter. Porter develops interest in Tarzan's nature while Claydon wants Tarzan to take him to the baboons so he can capture them. Kerchak warns Tarzan not to go back to the humans but he stubbornly continues to do so. Jane starts teaching him how to speak English and the two fall in love. Tarzan takes Porter, Jane and Clayton to the baboons but when Kerchak comes he gets angry and tries to kill them but Tarzan rescues them. At the end Porter, Jane and Tarzan decide to live among the baboons happily.

3 Seasons, 76 Episodes - Canceled
October 21, 1991
Action & Adventure, Drama
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  • Carlos Mendosa, Dan's godson from the Bronx, returns to jungle after running away from home. He feels he was no longer needed by his widowed mother when she remarried. When Tarzan finds out the real reason for his 'visit' he uses his jungle psychology.

  • Mysterious events thought to be caused by an ancient artifact, force Tarzan to return the infamous Sapphire Elephant to its resting place in a sacred temple in the jungle.

  • A man seeking vengeance places a voodoo curse on Tarzan.

  • When Cheetah falls into a coma after a scorpion bite, Tarzan and the group reminisce about the misadventures they have had with him.

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