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Sarah Connor has spent the last fifteen years of her life protecting her son, John Connor, from machines of the future called Terminators. Before he was even conceived, she was told that her son would rise up and become the leader of a group of human freedom fighters, known as the resistance, in a world controlled by a powerful computer called Skynet.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles takes off in Red Valley, New Mexico, in the year 1999, where John Connor has just started a new school. During John's first day of school, a female student named Cameron introduces herself to him in class. By the second day, after she has run over the mechanical substitute teacher with a pickup truck, we realize Cameron is a terminator sent from the future once again by John, to help protect his mom and his younger self. Running for their lives leads John, Sarah, and Cameron to a bank vault in Los Angeles where there is a standoff that leaves the enemy terminator destroyed and the three fugitives eight years into the future. Their mission now is to find the person who will build Skynet and stop it by any means possible.

As the stories get more complex throughout the series, so do the characters, including the FBI agent Ellison, whose religion plays a huge role in how he deals with his on-going investigation of Sarah and John. Cameron seems to have some issues of her own when she begins hiding scrap parts from other terminators that have fallen due to battles with the trio. All in all, the story is mainly about Sarah, a mother who is forced into protecting the savior of the future world from an enemy that should not even exist yet.

2 Seasons, 32 Episodes - Canceled
January 13, 2008
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  • The Connor's and Weaver face an epic battle that will change everyone's fortunes.

  • John is one step closer to catching Weaver while on his mission to rescue Skynet's latest target. Sarah and Ellison's reunion causes a change in their plan. Weaver discovers Ellison's secret.

  • Sarah hides John with Charley Dixon, the only person she thinks she can trust. Meanwhile, Derek struggles to work together with Cameron, and someone compromises John Henry, putting Catherine Weaver's efforts at risk.

  • Jesse's mission takes a turn for the worst, which results in unexpected consequences for Sarah, John, and Derek. Meanwhile, Sarah deals with Cameron and John makes a very important decision.

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