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Terra Nova intrigued viewers with a dystopian plot and high-quality CGI dinosaurs. The two-hour pilot episode captured the attention of millions of TV watchers. Set in a future where man has overpopulated the Earth, Terra Nova starts off by showing a dank world full of pollution and respiratory problems. To alleviate the crowding, scientists have created wormholes that can sent humans far into the past, when the world was green and the air was clean. The pilot episode focuses on the Shannon family, who have broken the rules by having a forbidden third child. Ultimately, the family manages to arrive in the past intact, but still must struggle with a society that's built around two children per couple.

While the Shannon family provides the focus of the show, other characters offer intriguing side plots. The leader of the colony must struggle to maintain order and happiness in the midst of a wild jungle full of vicious creatures. Rebels outside of the colony seek to gain control of resources and seek vengeance on the colony's leader for exiling them. Government officials in the future seek control of Terra Nova and her resources. Unfortunately, none of these plotlines managed to resonate with viewers.

Terra Nova had an exciting premise and gorgeous graphics. Most of the action was filmed in the beautiful New Zealand wilderness. FOX poured millions of dollars into the show to create beautiful dinosaurs and reel in viewers. The show was pretty but could never decide if it was targeting children, families, or 20-somethings who grew up with Jurassic Park. Ultimately, a lack of focus and cheesy plotlines led the show to extinction.

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1 Season, 12 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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Terra Nova Full Episode Guide

  • In Part 2 of the season finale, the colony makes their move and fights for their future.

  • In the season finale, the 11th Pilgrimage arrive and the Phoenix Group decides to make their move.

  • Lucas hurries to finish the final pieces of his mystery device.

  • Taylor and Mira face-off in the jungle where he discovers more of her plans and learns about his son.

Terra Nova News

'Terra Nova' Vehicles Headed To Auction - Takers? Bueller? Bueller?

OK, let's just admit this, upfront and right now: this won't be a fraction as tantalizing as owning a replica "Game of Thrones" iron throne. That being said, the dozens who apparently liked Fox's newly deceased "Terra Nova" and the several who feel it's just another sci-fi drama that perished under Fox's genre-exclusive incompetence should give this a look. As reported by TMZ this evening, the Steven Spielberg-produced man-amid-the-dinosaurs drama's vehicles are headed to the auction block.

'Terra Nova' Deal With Netflix Falls Through

"Terra Nova" had one last gasp that could've saved it.  An online streaming deal's failure has choked it out, The Huffington Post reports. Following its cancellation by FOX, rumors surfaced that the Steven Spielberg-produced drama about futuristic human coexisting with dinosaurs could find a new home producing and streaming new episodes streaming exclusively online via Netflix. After all, a similar deal resurrected a much more beloved FOX series that developed a cult following despite its cancellation: new "Arrested Development" development episodes begin streaming next year via the service.

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episodes 11/12 (Finale) Recap - 'Occupation; Resistance'

Let's get one thing straight: It's pretty unlikely that "Terra Nova" will be renewed. The show is one of the most expensive in history, clearly in an attempt to recreate the magic that "Lost" captured by making its mega-expensive pilot. For the show to continue, it will have to take a huge budget cut... and when all of your establishing shots require CGI, that's not so easy. So it's a shame, then, that the show just got good in its final episode.

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 10 Recap - 'Within'

For the penultimate episode in the first season of one of the most expensive television shows in history, there sure wasn't a whole lot that happened this week. Then again, next week is a two-part finale, so maybe this is isn't technically the penultimate episode. What's the penultimate of the penultimate called? The pencilultimate? Ha! I'll be here all week, folks. Wait, where are you going? "Within" was a slow-played episode that paid off in the end with at least a little bit of excitement.

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 9 Recap - 'Now You See Me'

This week on "Terra Nova," the villain that you don't see as any kind of threat teams up with the hero that should be the main character on the show! Yes, "Terra Nova" jumped straight into the "X-Men 2" strategy of teaming up the villain with the hero this week, even though Mira has had insultingly little screen time so far this season. It all starts when Taylor goes OTG (outside the gate, for those not up on the lingo) to check up on his son's equations on the rocks.

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 8 Recap - 'Vs.'

FINALLY. It only took eight episodes, but we finally got a few answers as to what's going on here. Why is Taylor acting all shady, what's going on with his son, what's with those markings on the rocks, and what's the big secret behind Terra Nova? All were answered, more or less, in this episode. Apparently all of these answers come as a package deal, which I guess is why we had to wait so long for them. Sadly, in the meantime, we were left with seven or so episodes of a show with no clear antagonist besides the Sixers, who thus far have been without a clear motivation for being so antagonizing.

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 7 Recap - 'Proof'

At long last, a few questions about the logic of "Terra Nova" were answered in last night's episode, in particular the matter of just how in the heck these guys communicate with the future when the portal is a one-way street. "We're cut off from 2149, remember?" says Boylan, explaining to Josh why he can't just get Kara in the 11th pilgrimmage himself. But Mira has a magical little device that allows her to communicate with the future. Apparently the way that the Terra Novans communicate with the future is to do so while the portal is open, which is the only time the channels of communication are open.

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 6 Recap - 'Nightfall'

Each week brings a new catastrophic complication for the residents of Terra Nova. Between the killer dinosaurs, the rebel outliers, the deadly flock of dino-birds, the virus that wipes out memory, a 30-foot parasite and a meteor that destroys every bit of electronic equipment, I'm starting to wonder why everyone is so keen on coming to this place. Sure, the future had bad air, but is this place that much better, really? It seems the Shannon family has been almost killed at least five times since coming here.

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 5 Recap - 'Bylaw'

After a brief hiatus due to the ALCS and the World Series, television's most identity-confused program returns with an all-new episode. "Terra Nova" is back, folks, and it still doesn't know what it is just yet. So far we've seen "Terra Nova" take stabs at being a family drama, a "Lost"-like mystery show, a sci-fi thriller, a dino version of "The Birds," and lord knows what else. This week, it's a crime procedural. When you think about it, having this show be a crime procedural actually makes more sense than any other permutation.

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 4 Recap - 'The Runaway'

After a two-week sidetrack that had us dealing with killer dinosaur birds and crazy memory viruses, we're back to reality a bit with "Terra Nova." Or, as far back to reality as we can get on a show about a time portal to the past. It seems that there just isn't enough meat to the main through-line of the show--namely the Sixers and the "truth" about Terra Nova--to warrant it more than a few episodes in this initial run. The Sixers have been touched on as a subject in each episode, but only briefly.

'Terra Nova' Season 1, Episode 3 Recap - 'What Remains'

Another episode of "Terra Nova," another episodic storyline that doesn't answer any of the questions that the pilot raised. Who do these guys think they are? "Lost?" What's that? Oh, they do? Well then. That makes a lot of sense. A new intro to the show recaps the premise which, when it's summed up like that, does sound rather silly, doesn't it? They just happened to find a portal to a prehistoric past. Well, apparently we're supposed to just accept stuff like that with "Terra Nova.

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