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The Following is a psychological thriller television series that was created by Kevin Williamson and is produced by Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Brothers Television. It features an all-star cast that includes Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Maggie Grace and Natalie Zea.

James Carroll was an English literature college professor during the day that was especially fond of Edgar Allan Poe. By night, he was a highly intelligent serial killer that would kill innocent young women to honor his favorite Gothic author. During his crime spree he managed to kill 14 students on the campus where he taught before he was captured.

Since his imprisonment he has found a new way to carry out his killing spree. From the moment of his capture he had a large fan base and it continued to grow since he has been on death row. By spending countless hours on the prison's library computer, he has managed to create a network of copycat killers. These copycats have found their new leader and not only do they listen to his every command but they help him escape from prison.

No one knows James Carroll better then former F.B.I. agent Ryan Hardy. In fact, it was Hardy that brought Carroll down and stopped his killing spree. Agent Hardy was the only one that could match the intellectual and psychological level of Carroll. Mentally and physically the capture took its toll so agent Hardy took an early retirement and withdrew from the public eye. The F.B.I. has just informed him that they need him back.

This time he isn't working alone though. His team for this investigation includes an eager young intern and a prestigious F.B.I. specialist. It becomes evident from the beginning that this isn't going to be just a track and capture case. As they search for Carroll the body count is rising and all of the murders are fashioned after James Carroll signature kills. They realize that they are not just tracking one serial killer but his social network of copycat killers as well.

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3 Seasons, 46 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
Crime, Drama
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The Following Full Episode Guide

  • In the second part of the season finale, suspicions rise, alliances are disturbed and everyone is in danger.

  • In the first part of the season premiere, the FBI searches for Theo and some of their own risk everything when they are attacked.

  • Ryan becomes more and more reckless as he continues his search for Theo.

  • An increasingly reckless Ryan continues his search for Theo, as Mark and Daisy discover information that leads them closer to the FBI than ever and puts Mike in a dangerous situation.

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The Following: Season 1, Episode 15: 'The Final Chapter' Recap

“The Following”, season 1, episode 15, “The Final Chapter” Still recovering for the evac center attack, the FBI goes over surveillance footage from the area, hoping to get some hint as to where Parker was taken. They see one of the followers, Alex, shoving her into the trunk of his car, but they have no indication of where he took her. Outside of the sheriff’s office, a young boy wearing an Edgar Allen Poe mask approaches. Hardy goes out to meet him, but Weston stops him and talks to the boy instead.

The Following: Season 1, Episode 14: 'The End is Near' Recap

“The Following”, season 1, episode 14, “The End is Near” In the mansion, Joe Carroll watches his surveillance footage of Ryan Hardy when he was in bed with Molly. He watches them have sex, and then afterwards, he hears Hardy mutter the phrase “You can’t kill me, I’m already dead.” Carroll finds some kind of inspiration in this as he plays it over and over again. The next morning, Carroll asks Emma if she understands his new plan, and she does.

The Following: Season 1, Episode 13: 'Havenport' Recap

“The Following”, season 1, episode 13, “Havenport” In the Sheriff’s Stations in Havenport, Maryland, Sheriff Roderick assists Hardy and Parker as much as he can. They ask him for the property records to help locate Joe Carroll, and he leaves to check on them. As he leaves, Weston arrives. Parker sends him to the back to aid, and Weston hears Roderick’s voice, and immediately realizes who Roderick is. Weston draws a gun, but that’s not a wise thing to do in a sheriff’s office, so he’s tackled to the floor while Roderick escapes out the back.

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'The Following' Season 1, Episode 12: 'The Curse' Recap

“The Following”, season 1, episode 12, “The Curse” Claire wakes up early and grabs Joey, ushering him out of their bedroom. She shushes him as they sneak out of the mansion and run towards freedom. They reach the gate at the end of the driveway and find it chained. Roderick appears behind her with dozens of other followers, asking her what she’s doing. She backs down, and Roderick leads them back to the mansion. In his apartment, Hardy has Molly check his vitals and asks about his heart.

'The Following' Season 1, Episode 11: 'Whips & Regret' Recap

“The Following”, season 1, episode 11, “Whips & Regret” At the mansion, Joe Carroll calls Ryan Hardy after his jog. He wakes Hardy out of a hungover sleep, and says he has called to gloat. Hardy tells him to go to hell and hangs up, so Carroll calls him back and informs him how he plans to win back Claire and his family. Outside, Roderick arrives with Claire. Jacob greets her and she demands to see Joey. Jacob takes her to her room to freshen up instead. Debra Parker visits Hardy at his apartment, expressing her concerns.

'The Following' Season 1, Episode 10: 'Guilt' Recap

“The Following”, season 1, episode 10, “Guilt” In the cult mansion, Jacob is woken by the sounds of someone in the shower. He sees Paul walk out. Confused, mainly because he killed Paul in the last episode, he walks into the bathroom and sees the shower smeared with blood. He pulls open the curtain to find a bloodied, dead Emma. He screams and wakes himself up. In headquarters, the FBI fails to get anything useful out of the recently captures Amanda Porter. Hardy tells Parker that he needs to be there to question her, but she says it’s in the FBI’s hands since they took over.

'The Following' Season 1, Episode 9: 'Love Hurts' Recap

“The Following”, season 1, episode 9, “Love Hurts” Hardy and Park run a debriefing with various law enforcement groups, however the tables are turned on them, and they quickly realize how little they know about Carroll or his followers, like how many there are, and what their mission is. In his cult mansion, Carroll asks his followers for their inspirations, and hoping to get their help to finish his story. Donovan informs Parker that their base of operations will now be in D.

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