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The Following is a psychological thriller television series that was created by Kevin Williamson and is produced by Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Brothers Television. It features an all-star cast that includes Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Maggie Grace and Natalie Zea.

James Carroll was an English literature college professor during the day that was especially fond of Edgar Allan Poe. By night, he was a highly intelligent serial killer that would kill innocent young women to honor his favorite Gothic author. During his crime spree he managed to kill 14 students on the campus where he taught before he was captured.

Since his imprisonment he has found a new way to carry out his killing spree. From the moment of his capture he had a large fan base and it continued to grow since he has been on death row. By spending countless hours on the prison's library computer, he has managed to create a network of copycat killers. These copycats have found their new leader and not only do they listen to his every command but they help him escape from prison.

No one knows James Carroll better then former F.B.I. agent Ryan Hardy. In fact, it was Hardy that brought Carroll down and stopped his killing spree. Agent Hardy was the only one that could match the intellectual and psychological level of Carroll. Mentally and physically the capture took its toll so agent Hardy took an early retirement and withdrew from the public eye. The F.B.I. has just informed him that they need him back.

This time he isn't working alone though. His team for this investigation includes an eager young intern and a prestigious F.B.I. specialist. It becomes evident from the beginning that this isn't going to be just a track and capture case. As they search for Carroll the body count is rising and all of the murders are fashioned after James Carroll signature kills. They realize that they are not just tracking one serial killer but his social network of copycat killers as well.

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Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on FOX
2 Seasons, 31 Episodes - Returning Series
Crime, Drama
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  • Mark and Luke turn on Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll, making the two sworn enemies come together, so they can save the woman they’re in love with.

  • Ryan and Mike try to stop Joe Carroll from pulling off his final plan which would put many innocent lives in danger.

  • After the media criticizes Joe and his followers, Joe targets the son of a man who defies him. Meanwhile, Ryan is faced with the shocking news of Claire's reappearance and Mandy makes a decision that could ruin all that Joe has worked for.

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The Following: Season 1, Episode 15: 'The Final Chapter' Recap

Ryan Hardy is desperate to stop Joe Carroll before his endgame becomes deadly. Meanwhile, Joe leads Claire to a special location and the ultimate showdown between good and evil ensues.

The Following: Season 1, Episode 14: 'The End is Near' Recap

Hardy, Parker, and Weston prepare to infiltrate the follower's mansion, but Joe Carroll already has an escape plan in action. Meanwhile, disguised followers create a diversion at the town evacuation center, which creates chaos.

The Following: Season 1, Episode 13: 'Havenport' Recap

The Havenport Police Department are dragged into the case when Roderick's role as sheriff is called into question, leading him to make an unexpected decision with dangerous consequences.

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'The Following' Season 1, Episode 12: 'The Curse' Recap

Ryan and the FBI discover a follower who has the potential to lead them to Joe Carroll's location. Agent Weston returns to the case but his encounter with the cult may have had a bigger impact on him than anyone originally thought. Meanwhile, Claire and Emma come face-to-face for the first time since Joey's kidnapping.

'The Following' Season 1, Episode 11: 'Whips & Regret' Recap

Ryan and Parker deal with the consequences of losing Claire to Joe's followers. Hardy and Parker make a shocking discovery.

'The Following' Season 1, Episode 10: 'Guilt' Recap

Joe Carroll sends three followers to capture Claire, but Ryan Hardy seems to be one step ahead.

'The Following' Season 1, Episode 9: 'Love Hurts' Recap

With Weston still in the hospital, Hardy and Parker attempt to outsmart their new leader Donovan. In a surprising move, Joe reaches out to Hardy to demand Claire's location and reveals that he will go to great lengths to lure her out of FBI custody. Meanwhile, followers from the past make a shocking return.

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