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The Joe Schmo Show is a television series that falls into the genre of reality television hoax. This television series was created by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, and it stars the infamous Ralph Harman. The Joe Schmo Show is recorded on a multi camera setup, and it was produced by outstanding producers like J. Holland Moore and Barry Poznick. This reality hoax television series has an approximate running time of 60 minutes long per episode, and it airs in the U.S on the Spike channel. This television series has been formatted in 1080p and 720i for ultimate picture quality. A gut busting television series full of tricks, comedy, and some not so suttle screw ups that could cost them the entire show.

The Joe Schmo Show is mainly focused around finding a person or person's to trick them into thinking they have been specially selected to be contestants on a new reality television show. However, what the person or person's do not know is that the other contestants on the show, as well as the shows host, are all paid actor's and actresses, pretending to be regular contestants. Everything that these actor's and actresses do or say on the show is all scripted beforehand.

The entire point of the show is for the actor's and host to do funny, outrageous, and off the wall things in order to receive a comedic reaction out of the person or person's they have tricked to be on the show. They must also fo all this without that person or persons finding out that the reality show is a hoax. This television series has these actors and actresses pulling out every stunt in the comedians hand book in order to get the ultimate reaction. With actors and actresses playing the roles of a deaf person, country hillbillies, and everything in between. Keeps its viewers watching all the way up until the very end.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes - Currently Airing
September 2, 2003
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The Joe Schmo Show Full Episode Guide

  • Chase goes on a spiritual quest with his llama & tracks down his own fugitive. He discovers a secret his wife has been keeping. A winner is announced, the deception is revealed & Chase reacts in a way no one expected.

  • Chase must make a decision that affects more than just him. A previous competitor comes back and Chase must face his fears. A wife, a handicapped man and a priest walk into a fake reality show.

  • Chase and the cast confront their deepest fears. Chase helps Jake make a new commercial for his company. In a shocking twist, the producers put the power of the show completely in Chase's hands.

  • Skylar hears a message from her dead husband that chills Chase to the bone. Wanda gives an arousing lesson in frisking and Randy returns the favor in the hot tub.

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