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Series Length:9 Seasons, 207 Episodes
Network: CBS

Comedian Kevin James became a household name following his nine seasons starring as Doug Heffernan, a Queens package delivery driver with a sarcastic wife and wacky family on "The King of Queens." The sitcom was a hit for CBS during its entire run, and appeared mostly on Monday nights to rave reviews.

The entire show focused on the lives of Doug and Carrie Heffernan, a couple who met, fell in love, married and lived in the New York City borough of Queens. Doug was an overweight, brown-clad worker for a parcel delivery service while Carrie, played by Leah Remini, was a legal secretary with aspirations to move up in her company. Many of the show's plot points revolved around Doug's intense love of eating good food and Carrie's dissatisfaction with her current position.

Among the other main players on the show were Arthur Spooner, who was played by Jerry Stiller. Arthur, Carrie's father, moved in with the Heffernans after accidentally setting fire to his own home. The older gentleman, whose sense of humor was a mainstay of many of the show's running jokes, resided in the Heffernans' basement and had a penchant for telling questionable stories about his past exploits.

Doug's best friend was Deacon Palmer, who was played by Victor Williams. Deacon worked alongside Doug as a parcel delivery man, and was regularly seen with his friend out on deliveries, at the delivery center base and even hanging out with Doug at his own home. Deacon had two young boys and was married to Kelly, who was played by Merrin Dungey. Kelly was Carrie's best friend and confidante throughout the entire series. Another of Doug's friends, Spence Olchin, was played by comedian Patton Oswalt. Spence, a self-described "nerd," was often the butt of jokes for Doug, Deacon and even Arthur during the show's run.

Other popular recurring characters were Doug's smart mouthed cousin, Danny Heffernan, portrayed by Gary Valentine; Holly, played by Nicole Sullivan, a dog walker with a strange sense of humor; and Sara Spooner, played by Lisa Rieffel, Carrie's half-sister. Lou Ferrigno played himself multiple times as he and his wife were the Heffernans' neighbors, and Ray Barone, played by Ray Romano on his own sitcom, "Everybody Loves Raymond," made many appearances as Doug's friend.

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Status: Ended
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 9.1/10
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  • After Doug informs Carrie of his plans to leave her, she decides she wants to go to China and adopt the child they were going to get without him. Doug also wants the baby, so they race to get to the airport so they can get the baby.

  • Arthur's wedding day is here but he soon finds himself without a bride when Ava St. Clair leaves him for not being gay. Doug, still mad at Carrie for lying about the apartment in Manhattan, decides he is going to divorce Carrie, and shows up the wedding drunk.

  • Doug and Carrie decide to go visit their priest for some marriage counseling, and while there they run into some old friends who just had a baby. This causes them to consider a child.

  • When an apartment in Manhattan becomes available to Doug and Carrie, Carrie sees it as a chance to live out her dream of living in the city, but Doug wants nothing to do with it. He brings it up to her in hopes of looking good, because he knows that it is impossible to live there because of Arthur. Arthur soon decides to marry a singer he loved for a long time and move out, causing Carrie to want to move.

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