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Detective Constable "Dangerous" Davies finds himself demoted to the lowest rank of constable after testifying against a corrupt colleague. Now he has lost his wife and is shunned by the rest of the police officers at the station. But Davies is still committed to doing his job well and honestly, even as he is consistently assigned to the cases no one else will take. With the help of his good friend Mod, he continues to plug away at things, with often humorous mishaps but always getting his man in the end. But repairing his private life may prove more difficult.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on ITV1
4 Seasons, 17 Episodes - Returning Series
February 7, 2003
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  • A dead man found behind the wheel of his car on a soccer pitch leads Davies to the Lodge of Divine Serenity, an exclusive all-male organization with a secret membership list. Dangerous suspects that the club's business involves more than mere community benevolence.

  • Someone dispatched limo owner Tony Hill by slashing him with a jagged champagne bottle, a tragic end for the former ex-pat recently back from Uruguay to rebuild his life. But delving into Hill's past, Dangerous learns of an assumed identity and a £2 million motive for murder.

  • Bunny Hopper--half of the almost-famous comedy team Bunny & Jules--dies onstage in a bingo hall, the apparent victim of poison. True to his nickname, Bunny had apparently lead a very active love life, leaving no dearth of suspects for Dangerous to investigate.

  • When teenagers find the two-week-old corpse of Dominic Sylvester, everyone in the Willesden constabulary dismisses it as the lonely death of a reclusive old man--everyone, that is, except Davies, who uncovers a homemade snuff film among the dead man's family movies.

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