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The New Adventures of Old Christine is a comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the title character of Christine Campbell. Christine is divorced from Richard and has a young son named after her ex-husband. Despite the couple being divorced they have a very friendly relationship. Richard still spends a lot of time at Christine's house even when he becomes involved in a relationship with a younger woman who is also named Christine. To distinguish between the two Christine's, the ex-husband and his new girlfriend both refer to his ex-wife as old Christine.

Christine's brother Matthew lives in a guest house adjacent to Christine's house. The brother and sister pair are very neurotic with Christine being more obsessed about fitting in with the other mothers at her sons' school. There are two moms in particular who always seem to rub Christine the wrong way. Marley and Lindsey seem to be picture perfect moms who always have their kids taken care of. Christine usually refers to this pair as the meanie moms. These two women also have more money than Christine and often flaunt it by making comments about Christine's poor lifestyle.

Christine actually owns a gym for women. She shares ownership with her best friend Barb, played by Wanda Sykes. Barb plays funny man to Christine's neurotic personality. The show is pure comedy although it does touch lightly on a few issues which are relevant to single parents and working mothers. Matthew and Christine have a somewhat dysfunctional relationship which stems from the way they were brought up. They both do everything they can to avoid their mom whenever she calls.

Christine's often needy personality often contrasts with the more self-assured personality of Richard's new girlfriend, whom they sometimes refer to as new Christine. New Christine is also very easy going and friendly even toward old Christine who often feels threatened by her relationship with her ex-husband. The show revolves around the situations old Christine needs to deal with in her life, some of which involve dating as a single mom and developing confidence in who she is and the choices she makes in her life.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on CBS
5 Seasons, 88 Episodes - Canceled
March 13, 2006
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The New Adventures of Old Christine Full Episode Guide

  • When Christine has Matthew and Barb throw her a "surprise" engagement party so she can get to know Max's friends, she begins to feel intellectually inferior to one particular guest, driving her to make a "surprising" decision.

  • Christine mistakes a good looking cop for a stripper, who alerts her that there is a prowler in the neighborhood. In order to feel more secure, Christine asks Matthew to stay over. Later on, New Christine goes into labor; unfortunately for Old Christine, it happens to take place on her birthday!

  • When Christine realizes that her five-year car lease is up, she reflects on the past five years and realizes that her life hasn't revolved at all. She decides to make some major life changes, with a little help from her boyfriend Max.

  • Richard is secretly planning an impromptu wedding for him and New Christine, so to help him out, Christine drags a very cranky and pregnant New Christine to a fancy salon while he puts the plan together.

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