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Shows about home improvement, updates, and home makeovers have become incredibly popular over the years. "The Outdoor Room" was one such show, hosted by Jamie Durie. Durie had previously hosted "Backyard Blitz" and "The Outdoor Room" was very similar, in that it focused on improving a back yard for a worthy family, that Durie felt deserved a new, updated backyard.

Each episode took place in a different country, including Italy, the UK, India, Mexico, and even Thailand. Durie would find a family in each country, inspect their backyard, and do everything she could to improve it. The family had an insight into the improvements, and often got the exact improvements they have dreamed of for their whole life.

The major appeal of the show, was the reaction of the recipients of the new backyard. Often, they would end up in tears, completely unable to contain their joy. This joy was often infectious to show viewers.

Interestingly, Durie would end each episode by cooking a signature dish from the country in which they had filmed the episode. This added a little bit of diversity to the show, and helped teach viewers a little bit more about the culture of each country.

Saturdays at 09:00 pm on HGTV
3 Seasons, 36 Episodes - New Series
January 1, 2010
Reality, Home & Garden
The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie
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The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie Full Episode Guide

  • Jamie designs a modern inspired outdoor room for homeowners Melissa & Jim.

  • Jamie designs a Nantucket inspired Outdoor Room for Mark and Elizabeth.

  • Jamie creates a Bahamas inspired Outdoor Room for Derrick and Tina.

  • Jamie creates a Texas inspired Outdoor Room for Kevin and Leslie.

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