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The Prisoner is an episodic television series out of Britain that was created by Patrick McGoohan. The theme includes spy and science fiction and psychological drama elements. The story follows a British agent who resigns from his job. About to go vacation, he is knocked unconscious while packing luggage. When he awakens, he is being held captive in an unknown, isolated seaside location by the mountains. The area has monitoring systems with a device named Rover that captures anyone who attempts an escape.

The agent comes upon the Village of people where there are hundreds around from everywhere and all areas of culture. They appear to be living their lives peacefully. They use numbers rather than names and the agent is called Number Six.

Number Six is being monitored by the administrator, Number Two who acts as agent for Number One. Number Two uses techniques to attempt to get information out of Number Six. This includes hallucinogenic experiences, mind control, identity theft, some types of social indoctrination and dream manipulation.

This is all done to determine why Number Six resigned and learn about the other dangerous information that he acquired as a spy. Different people rotate as Number Two which is done to confuse Number Six.

Number Six distrusts all of those at the Village and refuses to provide answers or cooperate. He is solitary and attempts to find out how the Village operates. He is defiant against the authority and creates escape plans by learning everything he can about the system and how it operates.

While he is unable to escape, some of his actions contribute to the dismissal of resident Number Two on a couple of occasions. The agency pursues Number Six to find out what he knows.

1 Season, 16 Episodes - Canceled
November 15, 2009
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  • Contnuing from ONCE UPON A TIME, the Prisoner is presented to the President of the Assembly. He watches the trials of Number Forty Eight and the resuscitated Number Two. It is now his chance to finally meet Number One. As chaos breaks out, The Prisoner leaves the Village and heads for London.

  • After all previous attempts to break Number Six have failed, Number Two decides the only way to obtain the information wanted is by using a system known as 'Degree Absolute'. A battle that will leave one of them dead. If Number Six wins, he will have survived the ultimate test and meet Number One.

  • The Prisoner is back in his old job as he tries to track down the murderer of Colonel Hawke-Englishe, who was looking for a crazy scientist called Schnipps. The scientist's daughter Sonia, who calls herself Death, protects her father and sets many deadly traps for Number Six. Sonia eventually leads him to her father who has plans to destroy London with his super-rocket. Is this real or a just a story?

  • When a young woman is driven to her death by Number Two, Number Six swears his revenge. Number Two tells Number Six that he is going to hammer him (using a quote from Goethe about hammers and anvils) so Number Six decides to turn the tables. He plans to make Number Two think that he is an agent called D6 and that he reports to a superior X.O.4. Number Six sets out on a campaign to break Number Two.

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