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The Troop is a supernatural drama aimed at teenagers that involves a secret society of teens fighting various monsters and mythical creatures that invade the small town of Lakewood, in the U.S. The show was a co=production between U.S. and Canadian productions companies Nickelodeon, New Line Television, Tom Lynch Company Studios and The Writer's Room. Airing on Nickelodeon between 2009 and 2011 the show completed two seasons for a total of 40 episodes, which have been broadcast on ickelodeon networks around the world. Each episode totals around 24 minutes and involves plots based on a battle with a monster and stories detailing the private lives of the main characters.

Early episodes of The Troop revolve around the acceptance of Jake Collins, a regular high school kis who is recruited to the troop by high school guidance counsellor Mr. Stockley. To explain the foundation of the group Mr. Stockley tells Jake that older people find it difficult to cope with the reality of monsters and commonly panic when faced with a monster; Stockley himself suffers a variety of panic attacks during the series when faced with monsters.

The Troop is also made up of a popular high school girl, Hayley who is the subject of jake's romantic fixation that is hinted at during the two seasons; smart kid Felix makes up the other member of the troop and acts as the intelligent memnber forming plans and completing research. Mr. Stockley is responsible for tracking monsters arriving and moving around the Lakewood area, he also ensuires the tropp have the most technologically advanced equipment available.Many of the plots used in The Troop revolve around a member of the secret society being befriended by another student, usually new to the area who is later revealed to be a monster or mythical creature intent on destroying the troop and taking over the world. The Troop was created by Max Burnett, Gregg Coolidge and Chris Morgan; the show was cancelled after the completion of production on the second season.

Saturday 8:00 PM et/pt on Nickelodeon
2 Seasons, 40 Episodes - Canceled
September 12, 2009
Family, Action & Adventure, Comedy
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The Troop Full Episode Guide

  • The Ice Ghoul returns to Lakewood even more powerful than before. Hayley, Jake and Kirby must fight the creature before they themselves are infected and turned into ice zombies. Troop International arrives in Lakewood after learning that the Troop has been harboring a monster, but after seeing how helpful she is in battling the Ice Ghoul Cadence is invited to be the 4th member of the Troop.

  • After blowing up the science fair Etienne begins to act like a tough guy when he hangs around Cadence. Jake has to walk around with a Doom Hound disguised as a yappy dog.

  • Kirby's lifelong nemesis and ex Troop mate, Morgan Grey, uses her access to monsters in helping her finally defeat Kirby at the National Young Inventors Expo. When she loses control of her creation, it sets out to destroy her, the Troop and Lakewood High.

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