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This show is about a young man and his two female roommates. Jack, Janet, and Chrissy live together in an apartment in San Francisco. Their landlords are Mr. and Mrs. Roper. Mr. Roper didn't approve of Jack moving in with Janet and Chrissy until he saw something that made him think Jack was homosexual. The girls didn't say otherwise, so Jack was free to move in.

Jack Tripper is in cooking school. He is actually somewhat of a ladies man. He loves the ladies, and they tend to love him, too. He dates many different women but usually is single throughout the show. When Mr. Roper is around, Jack has to pretend that these girls are just his friends and nothing more. He acts like women are icky!

Janet is a florist who is a little shy with men. She seems to lose most men's attention to her beautiful roommate Chrissy. Chrissy is a secretary and not the brightest girl. She usually has to have things explained to her.

The Ropers are their landlords who happen to live right below Jack, Janet, and Chrissy. Mrs. Roper spends most of her time trying to get Mr. Roper into bed. He never goes for it.

The show's antics revolve around the fact that what is seen is not always as it is. Someone is always walking in on someone doing something that looks bad but is actually very innocent.

After a few seasons, Chrissy leaves the show and in moves her cousin Cindy. Cindy is very klutzy and usually at Jack's expense. Then after Cindy leaves, a nurse named Terri moves in. At first Jack can't stand Terri. He eventually warms up to her, and they become great friends.

The comedic scenes are hilarious as Jack gets himself into sticky situations. But in the end, it all works itself out.

Tuesdays at 9:00 pm on TV Land
8 Seasons, 172 Episodes - Canceled
March 15, 1977
Three's Company
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  • Janet's wedding has had mishaps, and Vicki wants to move in with Jack! Jack, Janet and Terri move out, Terri going to hawaii, and Janet moving in with Phillip! Finally Jack and Vicki move into a new place together, and starts up Three's A Crowd!

  • Janet's wedding almost gets called up, but the trio decide to have it at the apartment instead. Meanwhile, Mr. Bradford, ends up getting Jack and Vicky broken up, but telling JAck about her offer to be a stewardess stationed in Houston!

  • When a rich man died, he leaves something for Janet in his will!

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